Why Willpower Sucks And Habits Rule

This article is not really about fitness. It is not really about health. It is not really about any specific subject. It is about habits and the importance of building productive habits if you want to achieve success in any field. So this article could be about fitness. It could be about health. It could […]

11 Time Management Hacks & Productivity Tips For Getting More Done

When I ask salespeople and business owners if I can help them with anything, one of the most common answers is time management. People are frazzled. Challenging markets, increased competition, rising expectations and always on technology have created a perfect storm of never-ending tasks that beg to be done.  When you look at those who […]

Don’t Let The Cult Of The Naysayer Steal Your Dreams

Recently, in the press there seems to have been a preponderance of articles from naysayers about how goal setting does not work. A raft of highly qualified psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors have been rolled out to make this point. Heavily armed with statistical “proof” they have sought to rain all over the parade ground of […]

Recommended Personal Development Books

Like most speakers I tell people to read more so I thought I would make a list of some recommended personal development books. Unlike most, I do not support this advice by saying that all successful leaders are readers nor do I promise that reading will make you a winner. I have no idea whether […]