How To Lose Weight, Make More Sales & Achieve More.

My name’s Gavin Ingham. I’m 45, I'm a motivational speaker and I’ve got something to share with you… I’m overweight. It’s not difficult to do. If you like food, eat too much and travel a lot, it can be hard to get the right food or do the right exercise and, wham, you’re a signed up member of the … [Read more...]

You Decide If Life Is Good Or Bad… You!

I posted a comment on Facebook recently that a woman on the train opposite me looked miserable. It was a tongue in cheek kind of post designed to rile a few feathers because I am fully aware that I have no idea what is going on in her life and that she may have every right to be the most miserable … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Revisited… How To Create Expert Content

Content marketing is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing around today. If you know how to create expert content and what people want to learn about then you are going to be one of the winners in the game of marketing. Content marketing of expert content works because it provides … [Read more...]

Pick Up The Phone If You Want To Make More Sales.

Here's a simple tip that might just help you to make more sales. As a sales speaker, I get to meet a lot of salespeople and visit a lot of sales businesses. A lot. Over the years there have been many changes in business but one that stands out is how little the average sales professional uses the … [Read more...]

10 Motivational Sales Tips. Help Me, How Do I Get Motivated?

When I’m at parties and people find out that I am a motivational speaker and sales training seminar leader they often say something like, “That’s fab, can you motivate me?” Flippant questions aside, motivation is a huge part of what I do when I am consulting with companies to increase sales results … [Read more...]

How To Be A Complete Failure At Prospecting And Lead Generation

If you want to be the worst salesperson that you possibly can be. If you want to make winning new business and retaining existing business more challenging. If you want to be forced to work with difficult clients and on projects that you'd rather not work on. And if you want to have to discount … [Read more...]

Look To This Day

And now for something completely different. A poem called "Look To This Day". Look to this day: For it is life, the very life of life. In its brief course Lie all the verities and realities of your existence. The bliss of growth, The glory of action, The splendour of achievement Are but … [Read more...]

How Not To Sell More Cars… Car Sales Tips

Recently, my wife informed me that we are due another baby at Christmas. It was a bit of a surprise but we were, understandably, delighted. Also delighted were several of my friends and family who seemed to revel in telling us that the relative calm, order and harmony we have with one baby will be … [Read more...]

5.5 Sales Tips To Achieve Sales Success In Any Economy

Here are 5.5 steps to help you achieve sales success in any economy. One of the questions I get asked frequently is, "What do you think is going to happen to the economy?" It probably comes as no surprise to you that I get asked this sort of thing all of the time. Some businesses are struggling. … [Read more...]

What Sir Alex Ferguson’s Career Teaches Us About Sales Success.

Did you know that Sir Alex Ferguson has retired? I’m guessing you do! It’s been headline news on every TV station and in every news outlet and everyone has got their two pence in about what a fabulous leader he is, what a wonderful manager he is and how inspirational he is.  So, what can we learn … [Read more...]