10 Top Ways Not To Succeed In Sales

Here are my top 10 tips for how not to succeed in sales, in business and in life… Start late. Go home early. Fail to plan. Prevaricate and procrastinate. Over-promise and under-deliver. Lack passion and drive and go through the motions. Make excuses and give reasons. Compare yourself to average performers. Repeat your mis-steaks mistakes. […]

Recommended Personal Development Books

Like most speakers I tell people to read more so I thought I would make a list of some recommended personal development books. Unlike most, I do not support this advice by saying that all successful leaders are readers nor do I promise that reading will make you a winner. I have no idea whether […]

Help! My Salespeople Don’t Know How To Close Sales!

I wasn’t planning on writing anything today so this is just a short one.. but no less valid or important. I just received a  call from a client who was making an enquiry because their salespeople need to know how to close sales. Perhaps not surprisingly, they think they need help in closing techniques and […]