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10 Excuses That Screw You, Your Sales & Your Life Up.

Over the last 10 years, I have spoken to over 100,000 delegates at over 1,000 conferences, I have read over 1,000 personal development books and spent oodles of money on courses, training and development. I have been lucky enough to meet, interview and work with some truly incredible and inspirational people and, perhaps most importantly, I have asked myself every day, “What is it that differentiates elite performers from merely good ones?” My talks, my coaching and my work is based on ... Read more

Are You Going To Have A Big Year?

I hope that you had a great Christmas and a fabulous New Year. I love Christmas but this year it was extra special with a 3 year old, a 2 year old and our third due in March. It’s like being whisked back to your childhood what with putting out carrots for reindeer and tipples for Father Christmas. Fabulous. As anyone who has them knows, life is full on with children. Amazing but full on. You have very little time to yourself. ... Read more

Sit Up! Are You Listening?

Do you ever finish a phone call or leave your client's premises and think that they just weren't listening to you? If you're a manager or leader, do you ever think that you are talking to yourself? As a parent, do you sometimes wish that your children would just hear what you were saying? As a speaker, coach and human being I hear these kind of comments and frustrations regularly. People feel that when they talk, the other party just isn't listening. ... Read more

100 Days To Change Your Life – The #100dayhabit.

In this article, I talk about how to change your life in 100 days... How long does it take to give up smoking? Eat more healthily? Get fit? Be a better parent? Learn to be happy? The answer is not clear. Partly because everything and everyone is different and partly because it depends upon what you call change. It has often been said that change happens in an instant and that, of course, has to be true. You give up smoking when you put ... Read more

37 Principles For Living An Amazing Life

I am currently on holiday, reading some great books, spending time with my family and indulging in rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. This time of year when I am not on the road is important to me as it gives me time to focus on my own self-development, creates space to develop new ideas and programmes and gives me real quality time to spend with my wife and children.Although I planned my business and my life to work like this, I still ... Read more

Customer Service WOW! vs Customer Service Woe

On giving that customer service wow... When I am not away speaking somewhere, I like to break my days up with a coffee and a sandwich at a local cafe. I take my iPad. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I update my todo list. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I "do" social media. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I might read The Times. I often do the crossword.I generally see it as a refresher and if my wife and kids are ... Read more

It’s Your Birthday, What Do You Want From Your Life?

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!I am sitting in a cafe writing this on my iPad whilst supping a tasty cappuccino. I am looking forward to an enjoyable lunch with my Mum, sister, wife and kids and then an early dinner out with just my three. My 3 year old daughter is beyond excited. She really gets that today is Daddy's special day. What better gift could one want than a ... Read more

They Taught You How To Be… Check Out What Happens When You Ignore Them!

This article is about how to be authentic in business and in life.You will have noticed that I have changed my approach over the last few months. You might know exactly what I have done and why. Or you might not. And that does not matter. The point is that things have changed.You've probably noticed that I have shared with you stuff that I have never shared in a decade and a half of speaking and coaching. More personal stuff. Things ... Read more

Why Willpower Sucks And Habits Rule

This article is not really about fitness. It is not really about health. It is not really about any specific subject. It is about habits and the importance of building productive habits if you want to achieve success in any field.So this article could be about fitness. It could be about health. It could be about being a great salesperson, a great leader, a great sportsperson or a great parent. It could be about fame. Or money. Or power. Or happiness.Whatever ... Read more
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