How To Manage Your Time To Get Better Results – Video

Learning how to manage your time to get better results is one of the key elements of success in sales, in business and in life. And one of the key elements of being more effective is to take consistent actions... but... one of the problems with action is that many people seem to know what they … [Read more...]

How To Hire Great Salespeople Without The Trauma!

For many businesses, finding the right sales staff is one of the most difficult aspects of building a successful sales team, they just don't know how to hire great salespeople. In my travels as a sales motivational speaker, the refrain, “If only I could find the right people for my business” is … [Read more...]

Sales Motivation: What Do You Mean By “Sell From A 10″? – Video

Sales motivation is incredibly important and in this short video I talk about the concept of selling from a 10, what it means and why you need to adopt it... I think asking about this "sell from a 10" is a great question because a lot of people when you say it wonder what that means. What we are … [Read more...]

Goal Setting, How To Set Goals That Motivate & Inspire – Video

In this video transcription I am talking about goal setting and how to set goals that motivate and inspire... One of the questions that people often ask me is, "Does goal setting work?" And, in fact, they often come at it even more negatively and they say, "Goal setting doesn't work, does … [Read more...]

There Are Two Elephants! Video Blooper!

I thought I would post this little video blooper to show that everyone messes up sometimes. People often come up to me at conferences and say that they do not like public speaking and presenting and they they avoid it if they possibly can. This is a shame because many sales and business … [Read more...]

How To Make More Sales In 5 Simple Steps

Some salespeople and business owners outperform the market, the economy and their peers. Some salespeople kick ass and make sales no matter what the economy, the weather or the time of year. Some sales directors run great teams no matter how tough the going gets. And some don’t. About a year or so … [Read more...]

Sales Survey 2014 – The State Of Sales In The UK

As a sales motivational speaker, I like to keep my talks cutting-edge with the latest success tips, the best sales advice and insider, industry  knowledge. As such, I have an interest in asking questions and digging further into the mindsets and motivations of salespeople. On the last three … [Read more...]

The Secrets Of Effective Sales Activity – Video

The secrets of effective sales activity elude most salespeople but they are critically important if you want to achieve sales success. You and your sales results are defined by your consistent sales actions. In this funny, sales clip from Sales Juice our fictional sales team do more than a passing … [Read more...]

The New Rules Of Selling – Video

Do you understand the new rules of selling? Selling has changed, business has changed and the way you approach your clients has to change. Many of the approaches and strategies used by salespeople in the past just do not work anymore. In this short clip from Sales Juice, our bungling, sales team … [Read more...]

The Psychology Of Successful Goal Setting – Video

In this, the third clip from the Sales Juice sales training series our team of pathetic sales losers consider The Psychology Of Successful Goal Setting... Goal setting is a funny thing in that everyone knows that they should do it and yet very few do! When I ask salespeople and sales teams whether … [Read more...]