The Difference Between Good & Great Is Knowing Your Purpose

This article is about the importance of knowing your purpose, about how it links to motivation and why it is critical for everything you do – often making the difference between good and great.

I hope that you are all having a great day and that business and life is fabulous. Today, I wanted to share with you something that happened a few years ago…

The CEO that I am coaching with and I have just reached a great place for a comfort break and he says, “Would you like a coffee?”
“Yes, please,” I reply.
“Okay,” he says. “I never make the coffee so in exchange, I want you to do me a favour.”
“Fine,” I say. “What is it?”
“As you know, I have two new salespeople launching a new product for us. It is really important that this succeeds and there is something, let’s say, interesting going on. I am not going to say any more, just go and have a look.”

Walking to the end of the office, it was immediately obvious what he was talking about. There, in their own little enclave, were two mid 20s salespeople, both on the phone, both cold calling (let us not get caught up with those inflammatory words… this article is not about cold calling but about the message! They could have been doing anything… admin, training, flipping burgers!). The first had his head down, was slouched, and was muttering something into his phone. The second was standing upright, with her head up, speaking clearly and with a smile on her face.

I approached and sat down. The miserable one was the first off the phone…

“Hi. I am Gavin. I am working with your CEO. What are you doing?”

He looked at me, scowled, and replied, “Cold calling. (Another grimace). It’s awful. I have to make minimum 100 calls a day. Nobody is interested. Nobody wants anything. Nobody wants to buy. Apparently, it is a necessary evil.”

He reluctantly picked up the phone as the other salesperson came of theirs. “Hi, I am Gavin. I am working with your CEO. What are you doing?” I asked again, readying myself for whatever she had to say…

“Well, I am cold calling,” she said with a smile. “It is not the best job and there is a lot of rejection but we are calling to find people who are interested in this new product, people who are early adopters. If we make enough calls, we will get appointments and make sales. My aim is to make this division the fastest growing division in the company. I know how important it is to the business and I want to ride the wave and become the youngest director in the company, worldwide.”

Wow! Two salespeople doing the same job. Two salespeople doing the same task. One happy and one sad. Not because of the task itself but because of their mindset, because of the meaning that they attach to what they are doing, because one knows what her purpose is and the other still needs to find his.

I meet people like this all of the time. People who are going through the motions. People who are doing what they do because that’s just what they do. Not because of what it will bring them or where it is taking them. Not for any particular purpose or because they attribute any particular importance to it.

Truly extraordinary people know why they do what they do and they remind themselves every day. They know what is important and they focus on it. This keeps them more motivated, more focused and more on task. Knowing your purpose is critical if you want to be the best that you can be in life.

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About the author: Gavin Ingham
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