Take Ownership Of Your Thoughts: Dr Thomas Recher Interviews Gavin Ingham On The Positivity Effect

9th March 2016. I was delighted to be interviewed (again) by Thomas. It’s a wide-ranging interview and we discuss many different topics including:-  my personal journey, the death of my father, how I came to become a salesperson, how some people fail no matter what, how we can choose the mood we want at any time, how to take control of our actions and the last chance “epidemic”…

Thomas loves his quotes! Here are a few of mine from our chat together…

“We all have challenges, it depends on how we deal with them.”

“Motivation, positivity, it’s a set of mental processes, and if you’re not doing them, you’re doing something else.”

“It’s the combination of what you’ve done over the last five years that gets you where you are.”

Listen to the whole interview on The Positivity Effect here.

About the author: Gavin Ingham
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