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The Sales Apprentice 2011: Sales Training & Business Development Tips From The Hit TV Show, Week 10

So, it’s week 10 of The Sales Apprentice and we’re down to six; Natasha, Suzy and Jim facing off against Helen, Tom and Melody. Just looking at the last six I was left feeling pretty uninspired. They are none of them without their shortcomings and I don’t think I would be investing £250k into any of them from what I’ve seen and that’s before we see them torn limb from limb in the interviews and hear what crackpot business ideas they ... Read more

The Sales Apprentice 2011: Sales Training & Business Development Tips From The Hit TV Show, Week 8

Week 8 of The Sales Apprentice and it’s time for our two teams to head over La Manche to sell some wacky British products to the unsuspecting French. With only 8 Apprentices left, tonight’s task saw Suzy leading Jim, Helen and Zoe facing off against Tom “leading” Leon, Melody and Natasha. It also did a lot to clarify my thoughts about the candidates and I’m sure by now you must have your favourites too. First task of the night was to pick ... Read more

The Myth Of The Perfect Client?

Last night I was watching The Apprentice and I got thinking about when you should and you shouldn’t take on business and when you should and you shouldn't turn down business. On my travels as a sales motivational speaker I see a lot of salespeople, business owners and entrepreneurs who take on business that they should have never taken on. Business that is unprofitable. Business that is unpalatable. Business that is unmanageable. And most importantly, business that is unprofitable. When I ask about ... Read more

Remembering The Power Of Now

As a sales motivational speaker, I sometimes find myself moved by the story behind the story in films. Last night, I watched the film Click with Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale. I’d seen parts of it before but not the whole film. In it Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is an architect who lives a fairly normal life with a wife, children and a job. One night he finds a ”universal remote control” which can skip parts of his life that he ... Read more

Take Life By The Throat, RIP Clive Gott

Last week one of my friends was taken into hospital with a tumour in his head. Another was rushed into hospital with ongoing issues. And then last night, I heard that Clive Gott (, professional speaker and adventurer, had died suddenly at home. I didn’t know Clive particularly well but I had seen him speak and had shared a beer with him on a couple of occasions. He was a straight speaking Yorkshire man who told it like it was, lived live ... Read more

Bert Found Targeting New Prospects Essential For Succesful Lead Generation

As a sales motivational speaker and sales author I get to see many different strategies for targeting, approaching and acquiring new business. Having the right strategy for selecting and choosing new prospects is essential if you want to achieve sales superstar results. Do you have a powerful and proven strategy for acquiring new business? Do you know who your perfect prospects are and how you are going to find and approach them? Are you setting yourself up for sales success in ... Read more

Time To Wipe The Slate Clean

Someone once said that many people do not have 30 years worth of work experience but 1 year repeated 30 times over. This may be a little harsh but it is, sadly, true for some. What is also true is that many people carry their failures, their losses, their old goals, their bad habits and their habitual behaviours with them from year to year. This is one of the most effective and efficient ways of ensuring that you maintain the status ... Read more

The Sales Apprentice 2010: Sales Training Tips From The Hit TV Show, Week 12, The Final

Welcome to the final of The Sales Apprentice and welcome to... Chris VS Stella. Actually, let me rephrase that, I have asked about 500 sales and business people over the last few days who should win the Apprentice this year and the vast majority think Stella so I am not sure that there is so much “VS” going on here. This really should be a one-way, walk in the park, a rout of Biblical proportions, a hammering that only Tiger Woods ... Read more

The Sales Apprentice 2010: Sales Training Tips From The Hit TV Show, Week 11, The Interviews

And so we reach the programme in the series that I probably love watching the most perhaps because of its total absurdity,or maybe because of it's lack of credibility or is it just because of it's total divorce from any sense or connection with the real world? This programme should come with a health warning... If you choose to run your business and interview applicants this way then you may well end up in court... Week 11, 5 remain and just the interviews ... Read more
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