Simple Sales Tips… How To Make More Sales

Simple sales tips… to make more sales. Can a humble street salesperson in Spain help you to make more sales? You will be surprised by just how much!

Welcome to the Gavin Ingham Show. Today I want to share with you a little sales tale – something that happened whilst we were on holiday in Spain.

We were in Alicante – me, my wife and my three children – and we had just ordered some paella. We were sitting outside in a square, the sun was shining and all was good with the world. Just then, a street trader (salesperson) approached us. Now, usually I am pretty good at sending these people packing but there was something about the way that this chap approached us… he looked a little bit smarter, he had a warming smile and he just seemed like a nice guy.

As he approached us, he held something up which looked like (and was) and apple-shaped chopping board but when he flicked his wrist, it dropped down and became a fruit bowl. He put this fruit bowl down onto the table in front of us.

This got my wife’s attention and she asked, “How much?” And the smiled and said, “Well, most things I am prepared to negotiate on but these are top quality and I am afraid they are non-negotiable… they are 30 euros.” My wife looked at the bowl and then looked at him and said that they were too expensive.

The salesman then said it was fine and he turned to leave but, just as he was about to leave, he turned back, put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a tiny, hand-carved elephant. He put this in front of my youngest daughter Harriet who was nearly one year old and he said, “For her. For good luck. For life.” And then he turned and he walked off.

As we waited for our Paella, we watched him visit various other people and various other tables and then, on his way past on the way back, and as an aside, he asked, “What would you offer?” My wife said, “Fifteen euros.”

He looked at her and he said, “I am sorry. I can’t do anything on fifteen euros but if you were to buy two, I could probably do you some kind of deal.” A negotiation took place and my wife bought two of these chopping board come fruit bowls.

Sales is simple. Have a think about what he did and why he did it and how that helped him turn what was probably a no sale into two sales… and at very little discount. How many techniques did you spot? How many simple sales tips can you use more effectively in your business?

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