How To Sell High Value Products & Services

“Gavin, we have a great product, clients like it, people want to buy it, but it’s too expensive. Our competition are cheaper and, although they’re not as good, provide better value for money. Because of this, the prices that we been asked to sell at are just not realistic.”

I had just finished my talk at his sales conference and I looked at the salesperson in front of me. He looked earnestly back, awaiting my answer. Sometimes, I think that people want me to wave my magical sales, light sabre and sprinkle them with some kind of sales, Jedi dust! Unfortunately, I had forgotten to pop it in my pocket as I left home that morning; I had not packed the bottle with “Sell High Value Products & Services” on the front; so I had to settle for a bit of good, old fashioned questioning…

“Do you own your products yourself?” I asked.
“No” He replied.
“Would you but them if you were in the market?”
“No. They’re too expensive. It’s not that they’re not good and all that, I just don’t think they are the sort of thing I would spend my cash on.”


I was reminded of a conversation that I had had with a recruitment director several years before. We had been talking about the fees that his company were negotiating with clients and how they had been dropping year-on-year. He claimed that this was due to increased competition, market saturation, and his sales staff failing to negotiate effectively. He claimed that they just did now know how to sell high value clients.

During the course of our conversation we had gotten talking about how the director recruited staff for his own business. He had told me that he recruited all of his staff via word-of-mouth, referrals, and a small amount of direct advertising. I had asked him why he did not use recruitment agencies and his response had been that they charged too much money, were generally “sharks”, and that they did not provide enough value for his hard-earned cash.

I could not believe what I was hearing…

Here’s the thing: You cannot sell something that you do not see value in. You cannot sell something that you do not think is worth the money. You cannot sell something that you would not buy yourself. You cannot sell something that you are not passionate about, something that you believe adds massive value for your clients, something that you believe will change their businesses and their lives.

I meet far too many people who make excuses for why they are not selling, why they are not making profits, and why they are constantly discounting when they do not need to. On most of these occasions, it is because they just do not have belief in their product, their pricing strategy, and the value that they add for their clients and their clients’ businesses.

If you cannot imagine yourself buying your own products then how do you expect to sell them to anyone else? If you cannot get passionate enough about them to buy them with your own cash, how do you expect to create the emotion necessary in your own self to create it within your clients and prospects? If you cannot sell yourself, how do you expect to sell high value products and services to your clients?

The answer is simple… You cannot.

If you want to build more belief in yourself, your products, and the massive value that you are adding, if you want to develop high-performing, sales teams that are passionate about your services and your business, if you want to make more sales and at higher prices, then give me a call on UK +44 (0)845 838 5958. I’d love to make your next conference a resounding success, get your teams talking, challenge them to be more, do more and have more, and make your next event one to remember.


About the author: Gavin Ingham
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