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With children of my own, I know how important it is to get a good start in life and to build positive beliefs, habits and practices as early as possible. That’s why I dedicate a day every month to helping young people get more inspired, more committed and more focused.

I will share my own personal story and the experience I have gained working with over 100,000 people to help them to realise how important building the right habits in life really is.

As a motivational speaker with years of experience of inspiring people into taking positive action for business success, I know that the right attitudes, beliefs, values, behaviours and habits need to be instilled as early as possible. I also know that much of the way we naturally think and act comes from our early experiences. That’s why I now give a day of my time each month to give talks to students in schools around the UK.

When I talk about ‘mental toughness’, I don’t mean teaching young people that they need to be ‘cut throat’ to succeed in business and in life.  Part of it is about ‘tough love’ in terms of understanding that success cannot be handed to you on a plate or happen by ‘accident’. However, it is also about redefining success to be about working smarter, not harder, for a richer, fuller and more well-rounded life.


Young people need to be able to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. They need to be versatile so that they can work in organisations that are becoming more agile. They need to recognise that no matter what career path they choose, they will have to sell themselves and become an ambassador for the organisation. They need to be able to work collaboratively as part of a team to empower themselves and others to achieve common goals. They need the confidence to have big ambitions and practical strategies for making them into reality.

Drawing on my own experiences of facing setbacks at school following the death of my father at age 13 and several failed attempts at pursuing experimental career paths, I will help your students with all this and more – and give them a fun-packed, high-energy session that will bring even the most grumpy of teenagers to life!

“Gavin captivated our young people and like a good story teller drew them in with his humour and then hit them with a high dose of wisdom; his stories are engaging and relevant to young people. You just know your students walked out of the room better for having listened to Gavin.”
– Jez Stockill, Principal, One In A Million Free School, Bradford


“Joining us for our Sixth Form Activities week in the summer term Gavin took on the core messages we wanted to get across and linked those to the challenges that students face in Year 13 and beyond in an engaging and motivational way. The feedback was all overwhelmingly positive and the girls have asked us to invite him back again!”
~ John Reynolds, Assistant Headteacher, Wirral Grammar School For Girls

Recent feedback from young people…

“You were always at a 10 and made me believe I am a 10.”

“The talk was good and inspirational.”

“The talk motivated me to believe in myself and do well in the future.”

“The talk was interactive and exciting.”

“He opened my eyes, turned my life around and touched my heart.”

“Inspirational and uplifting.”

“Made me believe that hard work pays off.”

“Motivated me, I believe.”

“I am a 10, we are all a 10.”

“Funny, but the message was real.”

“He was humorous; delivery was enthusiastic and easy to listen to. He gave us something to work with. He didn’t patronize us and was honest – have him again!”

“On a scale of 1 to 10 he was a 10! He encouraged us to take responsibility for ourselves and we left surprisingly motivated.”

“We can take on the world after that!’”

“It was a breath of fresh air to hear from such a positive force.”

“I wasn’t here but yet you still moved me.”


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