Sales Superstar Or Sales Stalker?

Are you more sales superstar or sales stalker? It’s 1028pm and I have, just two minutes ago, avoided a sales call from a health care sales person. 1028pm! On Thursday afternoon I flew out to Spain for a few days arriving late evening. I flew back late last night arriving about midnight. After 4 days eating tapas and relaxing, today was a busy day catching up on emails, making sales calls and sorting out my latest sales training book… of which more another day!

The sales scenario…

I turned my mobile on this morning and I had 6 missed calls from this guy. I feel like I am being stalked! Even motivational speakers and authors are allowed some time off you know! 6 missed calls – over the weekend! That’s a lot. And that’s on top of the 3 sales calls he made to me each and every day last week!

He’s like the anti-sales squad! Not a sales superstar.

“Hang on a minute Gavin. You’re not being fair here.” I hear you say. “You’re the one who keeps banging on about being persistent and tenacious.” And you’re right, of course. But there IS a difference between persistence and desperation, tenacity and irritation.

But, let’s be fair to the guy. I rang him initially. And I do want the insurance. But frankly my business may be going elsewhere just because of how I feel about his constant nagging. And before you think, “Well, what can he do if you’re avoiding him?” consider why I am avoiding him…

A sales superstar has to ask the right sales questions…

I did see him first and a full week and a half before one of his competitors could see me but he doesn’t know that.

He never asked me.

At the time of writing this I haven’t even seen his competition. But he doesn’t know that.

He never asked me.

I would never have made the decision without seeing all three short-listed suppliers but he doesn’t know that.

He never asked me.

I have various other factors influencing this purchase but he wouldn’t know because, hey you guessed it.

He never asked me.

So now I am being stalked by someone who probably has the best product and, had he asked the right questions, would  have known when the right time was to call me back and would almost definitely have got the sale…

He probably still will due to the quality of his product but, despite that, he has sure made it hard for himself. And, more importantly, he has made it hard for me.

Are you making selling hard for yourself? Does your sales funnel fall apart at the closing for commitment step? Could you being leaving deals on the table? There’s a fine line between being a sales superstar and a sales stalker.

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About the author: Gavin Ingham
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