Sales Motivational Speaker

I believe that your next conference should rock, your teams should be proactive and motivated and your customers should love you. Call me to help you to inspire, educate and motivate your staff. Ask me to kick off your next conference with an almighty bang or close it with a hurrah!

Gavin's uncompromising, passion for un-limiting belief and changing mindset makes you just want to get up and do it - truly inspirational.


For your next conference, AGM or training day, bring in a dynamic and inspiring sales motivational speaker who will engage your people and challenge them to take action. If you have a sales or marketing audience then there is no better person than Gavin. With his unique style, humorous anecdotes and real viewpoint, Gavin will reach “hearts and minds”, challenge limiting beliefs and empower your teams to take action.

Gavin will get to the root causes of procrastination, fear, lack of confidence and self-belief and show your people how to battle these enemies within and win! You can be sure that your sales teams will be up-beat and motivated and that you’ll have an amazing event. More importantly, you’ll see sales increase long after the event is over.

Gavin knows how important the success of your event is and does thorough pre-event research on your company, your audience and your message – tailoring his message for maximum impact and inspiration.

Give sales motivational speaker Gavin Ingham the opening keynote and kick off your conference with an almighty explosion. Or have him as your closing message and send your teams out the door energised and committed to taking massive action. Either way, your conference will be more successful, your people will thank you, and you’ll look good for arranging it.

For details of how Gavin can set your sales team alight and make you more sales, contact Kirsten Branston online or call +44 (0)845 838 5958.

Sales Talks, Packed Full Of Content That Set Your Conference Alight & Get Your Teams Selling!

Be More, Do More, Sell More – Build Confidence, Increase Mental Toughness & Grow Your Business.

The world changed. Business today is more challenging. Good enough is not good enough anymore and many sales and business people are struggling to make the sales they once made.  In “Be More, Do More, Sell More”, Gavin will unlock the tools and strategies you and your teams need to win more profitable clients and make more sales in any economy. Packed full of proven techniques and real world strategies this high energy, laugh out loud talk will set your next conference alight and give your sales teams the sales superstar mindset they need to stand out in today’s competitive markets.

Be More, Do More, Share More – Facts Tell, Stories Sell.

Do you find it difficult to achieve real connection with your customers, clients, employees or stakeholders? Do you struggle to take control of your own mindset? Skills-based, linear sales training is all about using the left brain, which controls reason and logic, to ask the right questions and manage objections. I have spent years teaching people these skills and have realised that there is some of the ‘magic’ of closing a deal missing. I naturally use right brain emotion to connect, communicate, influence and persuade – and this is the bit that really matters. Getting people to open up to you emotionally, whether that is your family, your clients or your colleagues, is the key to encouraging them to take action.

The old adage that ‘facts tell and stories sell’ is more relevant now than ever. Selling in 2017 is not about keeping your cards close to your chest; the more you share, the more you will receive. I use my ‘4 S Principle’ – share sales success stories – to practically illustrate how you can have emotional resonance with the people you want to influence so that they not only remember your stories, but pass them on.

The New Rules Of Selling… Unlock The New Rules & Have Clients Beating A Path To Your Door.

Salespeople are struggling to reach prospects, wrestling with client indifference and fighting price wars on every front. Clients are sick to death with pushy, self-interested salespeople looking to close the sale. Face it, the way we were taught to sell just doesn’t work anymore and it alienates clients.

In this fast-moving, high energy keynote Gavin will energize and empower your staff and unlock for them “The New Rules Of Selling” that will allow them to build stronger client relationships, differentiate their products and solutions, shorten buying cycles, sell on value not price and make quantum leaps in their sales.


Rockstar Presentations… How To WOW! Your Audience, Every Time.

In today’s robotic, corporate culture far too many presentations are pre-canned, pre-packaged, point-and-click affairs. Yawn! No-one wants then, no-one is interested in them but everyone is stuck on the hamster wheel. In “Rockstar Presentation” Gavin will show your teams how to get off the wheel and WOW! their “prospects” whether customer or internal stakeholder.