One Thing That Will Differentiate Your Business

Here are some thoughts on how to differentiate your business… Some people make me laugh… specifically… people teaching selling who cannot sell, people teaching communication who cannot communicate, people teaching leadership who have never led, people teaching how to build a coaching business who never built one themselves, people teaching how to make money on social media who have none, people teaching motivation who are just not motivated, people teaching how to have presence who do not… And that’s just the people in my business.

I see similar things in all industries every day. I could go on but I am not sure if I am laughing or crying now.

With the proliferation of social media it is easy to say you are something or you know something that you do not. It is easy to claim expert status when you have none. It is easy to create videos and get fake testimonials and make outlandish claims. One might say it is common place. Particularly, in my industry. I know so many “liars” it is unreal, which is one of the reason I, for the most part, have only a few “friends” in the industry.

None of this has been helped by self-proclaimed “experts” saying everyone has something special to teach, everyone can make lots of money teaching it, everyone can be world-class. The truth is that they don’t, it requires lots of work, and it requires thousands of hours of research, and blood, sweat and tears. For my part:- books, courses, training, mentoring, coaching, trial and error, testing, redesigning, practising, visualising… thousands and thousands and thousands of hours of it. That’s what I did, still do and will continue to do to stay on top of my game.

And that’s what you should do too – whatever your industry, whatever your job, and whatever your speciality.

Over the weekend I wrote an email to a client and put a call in to say that I was withdrawing from a consultancy project he had approached me about. Over the last couple of months we have had several conversations, I have asked questions, we have invested time together; it was looking like a good fit. And then the project went in a direction I was not comfortable with. It was not my area of expertise. It was not an area I would add massive value in. It was close to my area but not close enough. Not in my sweet spot. I bowed out.

He was disappointed but understood. And then he wrote me a letter saying what integrity I had and how that made me “stand out” in today’s market. Do you hear how sad that is? I stand out just because I have enough integrity to not charge a client thousands and thousands of pounds for something I am not the right person to do in the first place!

Extraordinary. That should not be something that makes me stand out. That should not be something to be proud of. That should be the norm.

Life changed. Business changed. Things got more competitive. Things got faster and more complex. And last year, global events were “interesting”. I see this year being no different. In my opinion, this will polarise results… some companies will fly and some will flounder; some companies will find their jet packs and others will run out of fuel; some people will run and others will stumble and fall.

What will separate these people? What will define great individuals and great companies? What will define winners? What will help you to differentiate your business?

Integrity. Authenticity. Doing what everyone else does, but better, more successfully and with amazing follow through and customer service. Being a true expert at what you do not a BS merchant like so many, being a go-to resource, delivering on what you say you will – every time. Nothing difficult, nothing unattainable, but important things that many seem to have forgotten. Step up, remember them, apply them and you will stand out.

Success today is all about being a 10; being the best you can be; setting big goals and smashing them. To help you do that I will be launching The Gavin Ingham Academy in the next two weeks. Do not miss out.

In the meantime, if your market is tough, if you want to create high performance teams, if you want to set your next conference alight, give me a call on 0845 838 5958 to talk about me speaking at your next event. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great week and be the best you can be.

About the author: Gavin Ingham
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