One Simple Strategy For Getting More Done

What does your typical morning look like? What is your routine? What happens? And in what order?

If you are like most people, you have a morning routine. You likely never chose it; it is just something that you developed over time.

Don’t believe me? Think about it this way. What do you put on first? Socks or pants? Shirt or pants? Shirt or socks? Are you running around like Tom Cruise in Ricky Business in your socks, shirt and pants or are you like me in your socks, pants and trousers before you ever go near your shirt?

Or something else entirely? It clearly doesn’t matter and I would ask that you do not email me to tell me!

But what happens next might.

Do you check your email? Check your phone notifications? Answer some texts? Check out LinkedIn or Facebook? Do you saunter to the station or the car, picking up a coffee as you go and doing more of the same? When you get to work, do you have a coffee? A chat? Do you open your email to deal with overnight issues? Do you get involved in office politics? Conversations about what was on television last night? Clear your email? Do your admin?

Does any of this get you where you want to go? Are any of these things really that important? Are they truly important activities or are they just driven by habit?

Working with CEOs, MDs and high performing sales teams, I have found that one of the startling differences between those who achieve more normal results and those who achieve extraordinary results is that the latter group focus on doing something that leads to their long-term goals and dreams first. They do it before opening their emails, dealing with minor gripes and appeasing others.

They take a bite out of the big pie, the one that they really want to eat; the one that means a lot to them. They make sure that those first hours of the day are focused on the really important stuff; the stuff that matters. They protect their pie and they spend time preparing it (don’t ask why I went with a pie analogy, I am questioning it myself now. I think I will quietly drop it 😊).

Some get in earlier to do it. Some get up earlier to do it. Some shut their doors and do it. Some give themselves a small amount of time to do the other stuff and then red circle time to do it…

But all do it early in the day and make sure that every day they take steps towards their vision of where they want to be – in work and in life.

It turns out that how you start your day really does matter. Start with the minor stuff and you feel frazzled and swamped and you get nowhere. Start with the big stuff and you feel focused, productive and clear.

Where do you want to be?
What do you want to achieve?
What do you need to do to achieve it?
How often do you put it off?
What is that costing you?
What can you do to get it done earlier in the day?
How will that benefit you?
How can your hold yourself to it?

And the exciting part?

When you get truly great stuff done early int the day, you feel inspired to do more and more and more.

I help CEOs/MDs to improve their businesses and their lives. I have four core offerings – CEO/MD coaching, motivational leadership coaching, my ‘I am 10’ inhouse programmes and, of course, my inspirational keynote talks.

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Have a great day and be a ‘10’.

Kind regards

About the author: Gavin Ingham
Gavin Ingham is a speaker and author on mental toughness and will help you to Be More, Do More & Have More in your business and in your life. For all of the latest news, podcasts, videos, tips and strategies join his newsletter. Sign up to the newsletter