No Chance, You’re Over The Hill!

Recently I have been toying with the idea of playing the trumpet. This isn’t a plan and it’s not a goal, it’s just something I fancy having a go at. I’ve thought about the saxophone for years but when I started doing a little research I discovered I really quite liked the trumpet. Here are a few examples of some stuff I liked….

You Raise Me Up, Lily Was Here, Song For YouHaydn Trumpet Concerto.

But the truth is… it might not be for me, I might not like it and I might not enjoy it. Until you try, how do you know these things? But I’m going to have a go. I’m not a bystander and I don’t plan on standing around saying, “I always wanted to have a go at…” so I have borrowed a cornet to have a play around on. It’s not the same as a trumpet I know but it’s near enough. It’s still in Bb, it has the same amount of tubing and it’s pretty common in Yorkshire with all of the brass bands so why not?

Looking for some good inspiration / tips online I hit Youtube (see above) and then started to read a few articles elsewhere on the web about learning the trumpet. I found some pretty good ones. There really is no excuse for people not improving their skills in today’s day and age when there is so much learning material available for free on the web. Disturbingly, I also found several forum posts and blogs about people discussing about how anyone who was going to be “any good” would learn when they were young. Apparently old might be anything above 15… or much younger. I’m 43 later this year and, apparently, I have no chance and I’m over the hill!

I remember, years and years and years ago, a boss once telling me (as he approached 30) that he felt he was doomed because if he hadn’t made it by the time he was 30 he was never going to!

How depressing! Not depressing because I believe them, not depressing becauseI have no chance, not depressing because I really am too old… But how depressing that so many people are so defeatist! So many people looking at excuses for when they fail before they even start.

I don’t know about you but when I do something new, something different or something challenging I do not want to hear about how it’s not possible, how I’m too old or how the market won’t support it. How can that help you? I want to hear how it can be done, how you might do it, how others have done it and what I need to focus on to succeed. And then I want to get on with it.

Rant over, I’m back to the sunny side of the house to blow my trunpet!

About the author: Gavin Ingham
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