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"Gavin's keynote presentation was 100% spot on! Gavin instantly bonded with our senior sales delegates and his energy levels simply just blew everyone away." – Bob Hitner

Unlock the power of high performance & achieve that extra edge in business & in life.

The keynote talk at your next event needs to rock! Your motivational speaker needs to leave your people buzzing about how they can be a ’10’; the best that they can be. You need messages that people are talking about on the day and strategies that they can use for weeks, months and years to come.




Engage your people, crush your next conference & see positive results long after the event is over.

#IAM10 is a philosophy on business and life. A commitment to being the best you can be. This simple but powerful approach provides tools, strategies and philosophies that will help you to get Clarity on what needs to be done and the Accountability to make sure you do it.

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Captivate your audience with a speaker who

  • Engages your people with no BS straight talk that will transform your next event.

  • Understands why people don’t change & challenges people to reject normal, embrace their potential & be a 10.

  • Shares stories, strategies & advice that will be alive long after your event is over.

  • Shows how to have more conviction, more focus, more passion & more results.

  • Helps your people make quantum leaps in their business & their lives in just 90 days.

"Gavin's presentation was absolutely on the mark... motivational, inspirational and full of take-away-tools for our teams." - Liz Carnell, NEC Group

Gavin speaks about

  • How champions use mindset to outperform everyone else.

  • How to create game-changing clarity & crush it daily.

  • How to develop high performance habits that guarantee results.

  • How to harness the power of community & a high performance culture.

  • How to truly connect, communicate & make an impact.

"Straight talking, the powerhouse of motivational speakers, Gavin knows how to get the best from your audience and event. Great energy and content that's easy to relate to. For me, and what I believe to be super important is that Gavin gives you a reason to change and do more way after the event. That's powerful and valuable." - Mia Butler, MIA The Meetings Industry Association

Speaking - Virtual/In Person

Gavin is a world renowned speaker on high performance. He has delivered over 2500 talks in 35 different countries to over a quarter of a million people.

Masterclasses - Virtual/In Person

Gavin delivers bespoke masterclasses and workshops to help leaders at management and board level to wake up their inner champion and get the competitive edge.

Programmes - Blended/Online

Be more & achieve more in the next 90 days whilst doing less using the IAM10 system - for C-Suite, leadership teams and ambitious sales teams.

Prepare to be entertained, inspired & motivated.

Get in touch now to find out how Gavin can set your next conference alight and unlock the potential in your teams, business or organisation. Call UK +44 (0)845 838 5958  or organise a chat...

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What differentiates a high performer?

For the last two decades, this is the question that has driven Gavin Ingham to develop the IAM10 high performance methodology for helping leaders to build high performing teams that fulfil their potential, improve motivation and focus, increase productivity, embrace change and grow sales.

The world is changing faster than ever. There is more competition than ever before. The global economy, AI, automation all mean that you and your people need to work with conviction, embrace change, maximise productivity and add more value to every situation. Good enough is not good enough anymore. You need to be a 10. 

Why can one person have it all & achieve nothing and another can achieve extraordinary results despite the most severe of challenges?

The surprising truth of #IAM10 is that there is little correlation between high performance and education, background, intelligence or career. Instead, high performance is directly related to persistent habits. This means that anyone can be a high performer when they use the proven IAM10 system.  

The 5Cs of Champions...

Conviction. They believe in themselves, the value that they add and their journey irrespective of external people, events and circumstances.

Clarity. They are clear about who they want to be, their vision and what they need to do to succeed.

Consistency. They do what they need to do irrespective of challenges and setbacks. 

Community. They build and surround themselves with other high performers.

Connection. They turn up as a 10 when it matters - with clients, as leaders and at home.

"WOW! #IAM10! Gavin had the audience completely captivated from start to finish with his drive, energy and humour. His session was truly motivational and inspirational which had a direct impact on sales following the event!"
- Kevin Hall, Head of Sales, FSB

CEOs, leadership teams & ambitious sales professionals.

Gavin has worked with CEOs, leadership teams and high performers in companies like Jaguar, UBS, Microsoft and Spotify delivering talks, masterclasses and programmes. All of his sessions are highly interactive, engaging, humorous and full of proven strategies for high performance that can be used to achieve more right away.

Whilst inspirational and motivational, Gavin is a business speaker and tailors his messages to you, your audience and your business so that you get maximum engagement, measurable change and positive results.

Real experience. Real talks. Real results.

Gavin has given over 2,500 paid talks to over 250,000 delegates, spoken all over the world, has appeared on US TV networks ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox on the Brian Tracy TV Show and numerous podcasts and shows.

He is the founder of the IAM10 Accelerator, author of 3 books, has judged the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards (BESMA), keynoted three times at the prestigious National Sales Conference, is a TEDx speaker, Top Sales World Top 50 Keynote Speaker 2019 & 2020, Fellow of the ISM and is qualified in Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder Centred Coaching.

What delegates say...

"I thoroughly believe in the #IAM10 philosophy and I wear not 1, but 2 of Gavin’s #IAM10 wristbands as a constant reminder to be the best person I can be."
- Vasco Homem de Figueiredo

"The #IAM10 is a big push for me daily with the bands a constant reminder of how to approach each situation. I have achieved highest figures in the last 2 months due to the #IAM10."
– Stefan Page

What if you could reinforce core messages long after your event is over?

That's the dream, right? 

  • A speaker that gets your people fired up and guarantees you have a great event AND
  • Messages that people are still talking about months and years later AND
  • Follow on programmes that underpin those results and help you take your people and your business to the next level.

Talk to us about how Gavin's masterclasses and the IAM10 Accelerator can help you and your people to take back control and achieve more by doing less in the next 90 days.

10 Topics On One Theme To Help You & Your People Be A 10

Max Your Mojo: How To Build Motivation, Momentum & Mental Toughness.

What differentiates high performers? Why do they get better results and live more fulfilled lives – at work and at home? How can you and your teams use #IAM10 to achieve more?

How To Hack Your Mindset: The 3 Quantum Leap Changes For A Growth Mindset.

Unlock the 3 mindset hacks necessary to develop a growth mindset, a simple measurement scale and one daily practice to rule them all.

Eliminate Chronic Inconsistency: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.

Banish analysis paralysis, ditch overwhelm, stop procrastination. Wake up every day knowing exactly what to do to grow your business and live your life.

Supercharge Your Business & Your Life: The 4 Building Blocks Of Balance.

The one about how to leverage the 4 building blocks of balance for ultimate success; a 60 second weekly assessment tool, and two questions that can change everything.

Stop Procrastinating: Get Stuff Done.

The one where we talk about how to stop procrastinating and get stuff done. Discover the 3 characters in charge of your journey, the 3 questions you need to ask, the one action you need to take, and meet Fred/Frida. 

90 Day Sprint: Transform Your Business & Your Life in 3 Monhs.

Used by CEOs, leaders and top performers, this proven system will help you accelerate progress on your most important projects and improve personal and team performance

How To Rethink, Reshape & Reengineer 

The film that never was, The Mandela Effect, the power of belief and what it means for you, your organisation and your business. Make quantum leaps in behaviour by removing obstacles and re-engineering the future. 

Elevate Yourself To The Elite: The 5 Critical Cs Of Peak Performance.

Chronic inconsistency is the enemy of success - how to beat procrastination, focus on key behaviours and deliver on the 5 high performance habits that will help you achieve more in difficult times.

The 3 D's of Decisiveness: When To Do, Ditch Or Delegate.

Consistently turn your goals and ideas into concrete results; be the person who effortlessly gets the BIG stuff done, rather than the supremely busy one who just gets the day done.

The Surprising 10th Habit Of High Performing Leaders

High performers are always “selling” – their stories, their ideas, their business and their value. They do it subtly and with finesse. Learn how.

It's time to take action.

These are unprecedented times. As I say to my clients, in times like these you cannot leave anything to chance; you need to work with the best.

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