Mental Toughness

My mental toughness programme is tailor-made for leaders wanting to build high performing teams by embedding motivational strategies for business success in tough markets. Good enough is not good enough anymore, your business needs to be the best. I can show you and your teams how to Be More, Do More & Have More.

My mental toughness programme is tailor-made for leaders wanting to build emotionally resilient teams that can perform under the unique pressures faced by businesses today. Business can be tough and we all need a helping hand or a success coach from time to time. I help your individuals build their personal mental toughness, your teams be more positive and proactive, and your organisation a culture of success.

Drawing on my years of experience at the ‘coalface’ of selling, leading teams, consulting, coaching and speaking; I work with people at all levels to help them unlock their personal motivation in line with organisational goals. I help them Be More, Do More & Have More.

Rather than taking a process-driven, linear approach to increasing sales and profit, I focus on the ‘magic ingredient’ that really makes a difference to your performance – mental toughness. I show people not only how to remain motivated and focused but also how to make an emotional, authentic connection with the people you need to influence through the power of storytelling (or story selling as I like to call it). And it starts with the stories that people tell themselves and each other within the organisation.

The programme comprises a combination of keynote talks, executive coaching, internal mastermind groups, group workshops and online learning modules (via The Gavin Ingham Academy) that you can pick and choose from according to your needs to thoroughly embed ‘mental toughness’ strategies throughout the organisation for maximum long-term impact. All of this can be co-ordinated and delivered in multiple locations for global teams of any size.

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