Keeping Things Simple

In this video I want to talk about simplicity and the importance of keeping things simple.

In my last video about manners, I got an awful lot of responses – the vast majority saying that they do think manners are still really important and several writing me rants about how manners are dying along with other things such as courtesy, dress sense and punctuality.

Anyway, there was one email in the middle of all of that which was equally important and it was from a speaker colleague / friend of mine and he wrote…

Gavin, I love your video. I love the simplicity of it. I have been intending to make videos for weeks, for months, for years; ever since people first started doing videos as a form of marketing; as a way of getting their message out… but I have never done it. And the reason I have never done it was because I felt that it was too complicated; I needed lighting, I needed sound, I needed a studio, I needed recording, I needed software, I needed expertise, it took lots of time, I do not have any time…

He said that what he loved about my videos was the simplicity of the way in which I put them out there. I am open about the fact that I keep these videos as simple as possible because I had exactly the same issue. I was wanting to put video out for ages and ages and ages but the complexity of it, the time that it required was just putting me off. When I looked at the quality of some of the videos out there, I realised that it would have to be a big job to put some BAFTA award winning video out there to compete.

So, what I decided was that, for me, the important thing was the message. The important thing was getting out there, the important thing was actually making the video. By keeping it simple I knew that I would do that. I knew I could do it anywhere that I was in the world and I knew that I could do it regularly. And that, for me, was the key.

The simplicity allowed me to take action.

When I look at people who are successful, in any area of life – whether that is in sales, whether that is marketing, whether that is sport, whether that is as a leader of a business – they are the people who keep things simple. They focus on the really core stuff that really, really matters and then they make it happen by keeping it simple.

My question for you today is how can you simplify things? How can you simplify your sales efforts? How can you simplify your marketing efforts? How can you simplify your relationships? How can you simplify the way you lead? How can you simplify your business so that you can be more successful?

Keep things simple. That’s the message for today.

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About the author: Gavin Ingham
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