Just Do It, Stop Procrastinating & Take Action

Sometimes you just have to just do it. Whatever it is. Stop prevaricating, stop procrastinating, stop dreaming about it and take action.

Most people are really good at procrastinating. We all have our excuses… “It is not important. I have other priorities. I do not have the time. I am a perfectionist so cannot put out substandard work.” etc etc. I am sure that you can add your own reasons and excuses for procrastination to this list.

I write many articles for people. Some are for industry magazines, some are for online publications and some are for organisations. Together these are a valuable marketing tool for me but individually they make little difference. Missing one is not such a big deal. As such, it is easy to put them off, to get distracted and to say, “I will do it tomorrow.” This week, I had this article to write. It comes up once a month. I knew it was coming up and I put it off and put it off and then put it off again. I was always doing it tomorrow. I had a deadline and, right from the start, the honest person inside of me knew that I would not write it until the last possible minute.

So, here we are, two days late, a Friday and I was saying to myself that I would write it on Monday but then I decided, “No! I will write it now.” Now, straight away, straight onto my blog, live, no editing, no messing about. I have now been pecking away for four minutes exactly. Just get it done!

Procrastination for most starts when we are young. Certainly, by the time we are receiving homework from school, many of us are already seasoned procrastinators. When given homework on a Tuesday to be handed in “a week on Friday”, few people go home that night, get their heads down and do their homework. Most wait. Indeed, few will do it on Wednesday or Thursday night either. Despite the fact that more homework is piling up, we choose to put it off. Despite the fact that we have nothing else on at that point, we have time to research, time to do a good job; few get their heads down and just do it.

A few more might do the homework on Friday night. They figure that they want it out of the way so that they can enjoy the weekend. But many leave it. Some pick it up on Sunday night to get it out of the way before the school week starts. But many leave the homework until mid week, or even Thursday night. A few only get their books out on the way to school on Friday and one or two never do their homework at all. Ouch!

There are many reasons for this behaviour, perhaps one of the most impactful being our perception of pain and pleasure and what doing the homework versus not doing the homework means for us; but that is not what this article is about. This article is about procrastination and the impact that this can have on our lives, the impact this can have on our businesses, the impact this can have on our health.

Procrastination is not healthy. Either do something or do not, delegate or delete but do not carry it around like sack of potatoes gradually rotting, dripping down your back and effecting everything else that you do.

Question: What are you currently procrastinating about? What do you need to do or delete? What do you need to do or delegate? What do you need to action or move on from?

So, I have bitten the bullet, stopped procrastinating and written this article.  I started at 445pm and finished at 455pm. Ten minutes! This article was written to share one message, just do it, stop procrastinating and take action. I think I made that point! And that, in turn makes my point… Writing this article took far less time than I have wasted in the last week or so wondering when I was going to write it and moving it forwards in my to-do list. #awkward

That’s it from me. Have a great weekend and be the best you can be. For more, join my success newsletter.

About the author: Gavin Ingham
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