Invest 15 Minutes A Day And Double Your Sales Results?

As  a motivational speaker and seminar leader I speak with tens of thousands of sales and business people every year and my blogs and articles are read by far, far more. Speaking with so many salespeople and business owners gives me a unique insight into what drives people to do what they do and to behave how they behave.

I really enjoy this aspect of my role as I am, and always have been, intrigued by how and why people behave the way that they do. It’s certainly one of the reasons that I became a motivational speaker and author in the first place. And I have a few questions that I like to ask of nearly all of the groups that I speak to in nearly all of the seminars and keynotes that I run…

These questions are the ones that I think are really important, the ones that I think salespeople and business owners should really think about and the ones that will make the most profound difference for them, their sales, their businesses and their lives. Of all of them one of the most interesting and enlightening is…

“When did you last read a book on sales and selling?”

It’s a great question and one which I ask in various different formats depending upon the size of the group, the subject and the audience.  It’s also one which I never cease to be amazed by the answers that I get. Here are typical responses from a typical sales conference audience…

“Hands up if you are currently reading a sales book.”  Roughly 1-2%.
“Hands up if you have read a sales book in the last month.” Roughly 5-10%.
“Hands up if you have read a sales book in the last 6 months.” Roughly 20%.
“Hands up if you have NEVER read a sales book.” Roughly 25-50%, dependant on the group.


I have worked with sales teams in banking, IT, telecoms, recruitment, financial, engineering, car sales, retail, consultancy, training, estate agency, investment, catering, legal, accountancy and virtually every other industry that you can think of and my conclusion is…

Most salespeople do not read enough about sales, business and personal development and this is holding them back from the success that they want.

There are many reasons that they give me for this…

  • They do not have the time.
  • They do not like reading.
  • They don’t know what to read.
  • They don’t believe that reading will make any difference.
  • They don’t believe that the techniques they read about will work in the real world.
  • They cannot be bothered.
  • Their boss wouldn’t buy any books for them.
  • They tried it before and it did not work.
  • It wouldn’t work for their business or in their market.
  • And on and on…

This decision is a huge shame and one which is holding back hundreds of thousands (nay millions) of salespeople all around the world from achieving the sales and business results that they want and deserve…

Top sales professionals in all industries read to stay on top of their game. Top sales professionals in all industries read to stay abreast of new ideas, strategies and techniques. Top sales professionals in all industries read to set themselves apart from their competitors…

Top salespeople read to learn new sales techniques and strategies to give them the sales edge. Top salespeople read for education, inspiration and motivation. Top salespeople read because they know that reading allows them to harness the power of OPE (other peoples’ experiences) and accelerate their sales results.

Many experts have remarked that reading for a mere 15 minutes a day could make you a subject expert within only a matter of a few years. Reading for a mere 15 minutes a day consistently could double or treble your sales. Reading for just 15 minutes a day could return you tens of thousands of pounds, dollars, euros, goats… whatever currency you’re trading in… over the coming months, years and decades.

Reading for 15 minutes a day could help you to achieve more sales, more job security, more professionalism, promotion, a bigger house, a nicer car, financial security, early retirement…

Here’s why reading sales book, business books and personal development books is so important for your personal and professional success…

  • You only need pick up one or two new sales strategies, tips or ideas from any one sales training book to get a phenomenal return on your time.
  • Seeing something you already know in a different light or perspective can catapult your sales to a whole new level. It’s not what you know but what you do with that knowledge that counts.
  • Reading regularly helps to maintain a “can-do” attitude when others around you are not being as positive as they might be. This is particularly pertinent in today’s negative environments.
  • 15 minutes a day reading is an investment in yourself which will help you to value yourself, your job in sales and your professionalism.
  • Reading sales books gives you time to think about how you can improve what you do and how you can get better results.
  • Reading improves your sales skills, your sales techniques, your sales ability and your earning potential.
  • And much, much more…

Start by making sure that you are subscribed to my free sales newsletter which brings you sales and personal development strategies straight into your inbox every week; then dust off your old sales books and start reading.

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About the author: Gavin Ingham
Gavin Ingham is a speaker and author on mental toughness and will help you to Be More, Do More & Have More in your business and in your life. For all of the latest news, podcasts, videos, tips and strategies join his newsletter. Sign up to the newsletter
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