Do Not Lose Sight Of How You Add Value

This article is about making sure that you do not lose sight of how you add value…

As part of both my personal development and my professional expertise, I like to read a lot. I also listen to podcasts, watch videos and attend courses. Not only do I like to study subject matter pertinent to me but also I like to read biographies and look at other peoples’ marketing.

I love looking at other peoples’ marketing. It is really interesting to see how they put it together and to assess it, both as a potential client and as a peer in the same marketplace. I recommend that you do the same in your industry; it is amazing what you learn; both what you like and what you do not.

Given I have been in the market for 16 years, I mostly know what to do but arrogance and complacency are what break businesses so you can never rest on your laurels. There are new methods coming along all of the time (every day it seems!) and I need to stay in touch with them; as do you.

People who lose touch with their sales and marketing lose touch with their businesses; you can have the best product or service in the world but if you have no route to market or no predictable / sustainable route to market then things might start to get ugly; fast.

I want to share with you an ad I have seen a lot recently in my industry. It goes a bit like this…

Are you a coach? Do you want more business? Are you suffering from too much competition? Are you struggling to earn (charge) what you’re worth?

I understand. I was in exactly the same boat. I studied hard, I put the effort in, I did the marketing. I was a great coach but I was struggling to make end’s meet. And then I realised…Charging per hour is bad news. Charging time for money is not that scalable.

If you want to make big money, you have to scale your time and the way to do this is to teach in groups.I no longer do individual coaching, I now run all coaching in groups. I no longer see people face to face, I do this online. Join me and I will teach you how you can make more money.

Now look! I am agree that time for money is limited. I agree that people need to work out how to scale their businesses. I am not debating that group coaching or remote coaching can be very effective BUT it is not the same.

Effectively, this pitch is ALL about the money. It is ALL about the coach (salesperson). It is ALL about how the reader can make more money for less time and less effort. And it might well work.

But it has nothing to do with the client. And coaching is fundamentally all about the client. If someone needs 121 coaching, group coaching is not the answer. Likewise, whilst I integrate remote coaching with face to face coaching of CEOs and MDs, replacing it entirely changes the dynamic totally.

And maybe that is okay. Or maybe it isn’t. But here’s the point…

Business should not be only about chasing the money. Sales should not be only about making the sale. What you offer should not be only about how much cash you can rake in.

I realise that fact might grate with some who love closing and have fabulous techniques for closing but it is the truth.

Business should be about creating value. Sales should be about adding value. What you offer should be focused on the client’s needs first and foremost. And that means looking at things from the client’s perspective, that means caring about your clients. That means giving the best service that you can give not jigging it about purely to make money.

When I redesigned the ‘I am 10’ programmes, I did not ask, “How can I make this easier for me?” or “How can I charge more?” My first question was, “How can I add more value? How can I help companies to really live my principles? How can I support them in achieving more success?”

And if you can answer these or similar questions for your products, your services and your business, then you will make sales and you will make more revenues… without having to implement closing techniques that deserve to stay in the 1980s and without abandoning the most important principles of adding value first for your clients.

As I said last week, “It’s not about you… What are you going to do about it?”

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That’s it from me for this week. Have a great week and be the best that you can be.

About the author: Gavin Ingham
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