Challenging. Dynamic. Straight-talking. Provocative. If you’re looking for a nice safe coach, look elsewhere. I ask the game-changing questions that others don’t. I work with business leaders like you helping them to set life-changing goals, make tough decisions, build world-class habits and get even more done. Call me for a chat.

My one-on-one executive coaching programmes create tailored strategies from my “I am 10’ philosophy that grow your business and help you achieve your personal career goals. They help you face up to your toughest challenges, make big decisions and effect real change throughout the organisation, as well as achieve a better quality of life.

I will help you take control of your own mindset, get past feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty and avoid common pitfalls. I will also help you to utilise ‘right brain’ emotion to build more meaningful connections with the people you need to influence through the power of storytelling, whether that is through presentations, motivational team talks or client dinners. You will be more motivated, more efficient, more successful, more able to lead effectively and empowered to take positive action, starting now.

I test the cliches by getting under the skin of your real business and personal problems – even the ones that you won’t admit to yourself . Not another “‘Yes Man” I will challenge you and offer tailored, targeted solutions that really work. Drawing on my own experiences with honest, relatable anecdotes, and powerful questions my high energy style will embed a motivation to succeed within you and your teams.

I also offer coaching via internal ‘mastermind groups’ of key people who need to work together more effectively to achieve organisational goals. My executive coaching can also be accessed as part of The Gavin Ingham Mental Toughness Programme, which comprises a tailored set of interventions that enable you and your people to be more, do more and have more.

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