Does Cold Calling Work?

I was reading a business blog today and I came across a well written article asking, “Does cold calling work in business today?” I decided to post an answer and I thought that my readers might appreciate my thoughts on this matter…

As someone who works with many different companies I have seen many examples of cold calling having phenomenal results. I have seen businesses use cold calling as part of their new business strategy and make it work awesomely. I have also seen cold calling fail and people fall on their rear ends spectacularly!

There is definitely a current trend to label all cold calling as pointless. This is a popular myth and one that I believe people are keen to buy into as they never liked cold calling in the first place. The truth is that many people never made cold calling work. The truth is that many people couldn’t cold call successfully if they were shown an open goal. I have worked with and managed many of these people and I bet you have too.

Those who read my blog regularly know that I read everything that I can get my hands on about sales, motivation and success and you will not be surprised to know that I have bought and read / listened to / watched many of these cold calling solutions. Some are great and would definitely work as part of a balanced sales strategy but some would be ineffective in any market and are just not viable offerings. The key here is that your strategy needs to be balanced for you and for your business.

But this isn’t an article about what others are teaching! Maybe another time I will spill the beans on which I think are worth investing in and which aren’t but for now we are answering the question…

Does cold calling work?

Cold calling can be very effective when certain conditions are in place. Here are 5 rules for cold calling to make more sales and more appointments…

  1. The cold caller needs to be knowledgeable about their products, the market place and the benefits that their solution can provide for their clients.
  2. The cold caller needs to be positive about cold calling. No-one likes cold calls from someone who doesn’t want to be there!
  3. The cold call needs to be targeted and specific to that individual. This requires a system which effectively warms up the cold call. This would mean a cold call becoming a tepid call, a tepid call becoming a warm call, a warm call becoming a hot call and a hot call becoming a sizzling call. This means coupling your cold call with solid use of all information available including social media.
  4. The cold caller needs to be well trained and coached so that they project a credible business persona and can deliver valuable business benefits for clients.
  5. The call needs to be respectful and allow the client to “choose” whether the cold call adds value or not.

Finally, no business should be a one-trick pony. If cold calling is your only method of winning business your business is flawed. Every business should utilise and leverage different ways of prospecting for new clients. As a salesperson your job is to leverage the most effective of these for growing your business. I have advised many businesses to cold call more (and more effectively) but I have also advised people that cold calling is not right for their business…

In summary, well thought out and targeted cold calling strategies which are implemented by well trained and credible sales professionals can be a powerful and important addition to your client acquisition strategies. In many industries they will be the most effective and efficient way of wining new prospects other than referrals.

And before anyone starts posting BS about the statistics for cold calling and how many calls you have to make to achieve success, don’t! They are absolute BS. Professional salespeople trained in my techniques, who are good at what they do and know how to add value and who have done the necessary homework and research, knock the often bandied about figures into a hooped hat.

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About the author: Gavin Ingham
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