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Sales Motivation: What Do You Mean By “Sell From A 10”? – Video

Sales motivation is incredibly important and in this short video I talk about the concept of selling from a 10, what it means and why you need to adopt it... I think asking about this "sell from a 10" is a great question because a lot of people when you say it wonder what that means. What we are measuring here is your sales attitude on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is absolutely the wrong attitude and 10 is ... Read more

How To Make More Sales In 5 Simple Steps

Some salespeople and business owners outperform the market, the economy and their peers. Some salespeople kick ass and make sales no matter what the economy, the weather or the time of year. Some sales directors run great teams no matter how tough the going gets. And some don’t. About a year or so ago I wrote a blog post about selling cars, in fact, I wrote a couple. In one of them I talked about what I wouldn’t do if I sold cars. ... Read more

Sales Survey 2014 – The State Of Sales In The UK

As a sales motivational speaker, I like to keep my talks cutting-edge with the latest success tips, the best sales advice and insider, industry  knowledge. As such, I have an interest in asking questions and digging further into the mindsets and motivations of salespeople. On the last three occasions that it has been undertaken I have partnered with Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis to conduct a State of Sales in the UK Survey. This Sales Survey 2014 report digs a little ... Read more

The New Rules Of Selling – Video

Do you understand the new rules of selling? Selling has changed, business has changed and the way you approach your clients has to change. Many of the approaches and strategies used by salespeople in the past just do not work anymore. In this short clip from Sales Juice, our bungling, sales team demonstrate that they do not have a scooby! If you want to achieve sales success you need to understand the sales mistakes being made every day by sales professionals around ... Read more

The Psychology Of Successful Goal Setting – Video

In this, the third clip from the Sales Juice sales training series our team of pathetic sales losers consider The Psychology Of Successful Goal Setting... Goal setting is a funny thing in that everyone knows that they should do it and yet very few do! When I ask salespeople and sales teams whether they have any goals or not, the majority put their hands up and say that they do have some goals. When I drill down further it turns out that ... Read more

How To Develop A Winning Sales Mindset – Video

In this funny sales clip we look at the core characteristics of how top sales performers develop a winning sales mindset. In the first video of the Sales Juice series we talked about how our attitude effects our ability to access our skills. If you are in the right state of mind and selling from a "10" then you are going to do a better job of doing what you know than if you are not in the right state of mind. A ... Read more

Mastering Sales Motivation & Mindset – Video

What is that differentiates a top sales performer from a mediocre one and a top performing sales team from the norm? These are questions that have inspired and motivated me in my mission to provide sales motivation, inspiration and education for individual salespeople, sales teams and sales leaders. In this video (from Sales Juice) our inept sales team look at why attitude is the first key to achieving lasting success as a salesperson. When I ask teams what makes a great salesperson ... Read more

How To Lose Weight, Make More Sales & Achieve More.

My name’s Gavin Ingham. I’m 45, I'm a motivational speaker and I’ve got something to share with you… I’m overweight. It’s not difficult to do. If you like food, eat too much and travel a lot, it can be hard to get the right food or do the right exercise and, wham, you’re a signed up member of the extra-large t-shirt gang. According to recent statistics, I am not in a minority group either. Depending upon which reports you read, over 60% ... Read more

You Decide If Life Is Good Or Bad… You!

I posted a comment on Facebook recently that a woman on the train opposite me looked miserable. It was a tongue in cheek kind of post designed to rile a few feathers because I am fully aware that I have no idea what is going on in her life and that she may have every right to be the most miserable person on the face of the planet (which she was doing a good job of by the way!). As expected, ... Read more
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