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Pricing For Sales – It’s Not About Fair

After receiving an email informing me that I had a couple of recommendations on LinkedIn, I logged on to have a read and approve them. As I did, I noticed a question in my news stream-it was from someone I did not know and it was asking about pricing for sales. Maybe it was the way it was worded, or maybe it was because pricing and beliefs about money cut to the core of what I talk about, I decided to ... Read more

How To Sell High Value Products & Services

"Gavin, we have a great product, clients like it, people want to buy it, but it's too expensive. Our competition are cheaper and, although they're not as good, provide better value for money. Because of this, the prices that we been asked to sell at are just not realistic.” I had just finished my talk at his sales conference and I looked at the salesperson in front of me. He looked earnestly back, awaiting my answer. Sometimes, I think that people want me to ... Read more

Just Sack Him… Mental Toughness For Sales

“Just sack him.” “What?” “Just sack him.” My sales director leans forward on his elbows, his gold Rolex shining in the sunshine, and his handmade suit falling open to show some fancy tartan lining and looks right into my eyes. It is clear from everything about him that he has the necessary mental toughness for sales. I look down. “Sack him. What do you mean?” I ask nervously. “Sack him. Can him. Tell him that you don’t want to work with him anymore. Tell him that ... Read more

Did You Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water?

When I first set up my business, one of my goals was to never work in the "summer". If you interpret summer as August and work as delivering as a motivational speaker then I have done very well; if you include July and work done from home, not so much. Anyway, what it does mean is that in August I have more time than usual to think, more time to consider thoughts that I would normally push to one side. Yesterday I ... Read more

10 Excuses That Screw You, Your Sales & Your Life Up.

Over the last 10 years, I have spoken to over 100,000 delegates at over 1,000 conferences, I have read over 1,000 personal development books and spent oodles of money on courses, training and development. I have been lucky enough to meet, interview and work with some truly incredible and inspirational people and, perhaps most importantly, I have asked myself every day, “What is it that differentiates elite performers from merely good ones?” My talks, my coaching and my work is based on ... Read more

How Can I Be An Expert? A Few Quick Notes…

In the middle of an email conversation with a client the other day, she asked me, "How can I be an expert?" Here were just a few of the notes that I sent her... Being an expert in your product means really understanding how it helps others in their lives, in their business, personally and financially... and not just the obvious stuff either. Being able to uncover through the sales process how you can add value and making suggestions above and beyond what ... Read more

Help! My Salespeople Don’t Know How To Close Sales!

I wasn't planning on writing anything today so this is just a short one.. but no less valid or important. I just received a  call from a client who was making an enquiry because their salespeople need to know how to close sales. Perhaps not surprisingly, they think they need help in closing techniques and strategies. They're probably wrong. Closing is an interesting topic and certainly one that has been popular over the years. There are several sales training books written about how ... Read more

How To Increase Sales in 5.5 Steps – Video

This video is about how to increase sales in 5.5 steps... Step 1 is to Sell from a "10". What we're talking about here is having a positive sales attitude, having the sales intensity to get the best results possible. In the current market, a lot of people have got down, they are not as positive as they once were and because of this they are not doing what they need to do and they are not putting in enough kapow! You have to ... Read more

Why Salespeople Find It Hard To Get The Winning Mindset – Video

In this video I talk about why salespeople find it hard to get the winning mindset. We all know how important it is to maintain the right mindset if you want to be successful in sales, in business and in life... but it's not easy. Most salespeople know what gets in the way of them staying at a "10". For many it is interruptions, other people, their bosses, their peers, their clients, constant rejection, feeling that they are not adding value for ... Read more
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