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How To Communicate More Effectively

Today we are going to be talking about how to make an extra special connection; how to communicate more effectively; that's whether you're selling, or leading, or presenting, or just in your life. As you can see, today I am on the beach in Spain. It is not bikini or trunks weather but it is pretty nice for this time of the year, certainly compared to the UK. I have been having a think about a conference that I was speaking at a ... Read more

They Taught You How To Be… Check Out What Happens When You Ignore Them!

This article is about how to be authentic in business and in life.You will have noticed that I have changed my approach over the last few months. You might know exactly what I have done and why. Or you might not. And that does not matter. The point is that things have changed.You've probably noticed that I have shared with you stuff that I have never shared in a decade and a half of speaking and coaching. More personal stuff. Things ... Read more

Mastering Sales Motivation & Mindset – Video

What is that differentiates a top sales performer from a mediocre one and a top performing sales team from the norm? These are questions that have inspired and motivated me in my mission to provide sales motivation, inspiration and education for individual salespeople, sales teams and sales leaders. In this video (from Sales Juice) our inept sales team look at why attitude is the first key to achieving lasting success as a salesperson. When I ask teams what makes a great salesperson ... Read more

Sales Partner Or Dancing Puppet?

How to improve your sales positioning, a few tips... After closing a sales conference this week, one of the audience approached me to ask about a sales presentation that they had recently failed to win and wanted sales tips for the future. They wanted to know what they could have done about it and how they could improve their chance of winning a similar pitch next time. The main issue in this situation was poor sales positioning... After asking a few questions ... Read more

Rapid Visit Techniques:10 Tips For Running Client Meetings

At some point or other every salesperson, business owner, entrepreneur or professional needs to attend a client sales meeting to sell their products, solutions and services. The type of meeting, the product / service / solution that you're selling, the complexity of the solution, the history with the client, where you are in the sales process, the length of the sales process, the seniority of the prospect and many other factors will determine exactly what preparation you need for running client ... Read more