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Best Sales Blogs Of 2017

March 20 2017. My blog has been announced as one of the "Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Sales Blog". They advise that you should "take the advice of these best-of-the-best blogs, and you could see a noticeable rise in next quarter's sales figures." They are, of course, right. You can have a look and see the other winners here. Read more

Expert Interview: Gavin Ingham, Sales & Mental Toughness

Gavin Ingham is Europe's leading speaker on sales and mental toughness. He helps people to "be more, do more, and have more" in their business and their lives. Gavin recently sat down with us to explain his concept of mental toughness and how he communicates that message to salespeople and business executives. Briefly tell us about your background. Why did you decide to become a motivational speaker and coach? My first big challenge in life came when my father died in a car ... Read more

How To Double Your Mental Toughness – Interview On The Salesman Podcast

Gavin Ingham is a keynote speaker and an expert in the field of mental toughness. What makes him unique as a guest for us though is his background in sales training. In this episode we look at what mental toughness actually means and how we can use it as a tool to get more stuff done. For 41 minutes of great content, listen to this interview / podcast here. Read more

Unleash Your Inner Closer – Interview On The Salesman Podcast

In this interview, I share some tips on closing, on speaking, on sales and on life. We discuss the inner game of sales and what you need to do to make more sales. “What salespeople need to do is decide what they need to believe to succeed and THEN find evidence to support that." - Gavin Ingham Gavin and Will also cover – Which is more important – practical sales skills or mindset? Why sales professionals need to simply work harder Improving mental toughness How ... Read more

Take Ownership Of Your Thoughts: Dr Thomas Recher Interviews Gavin Ingham On The Positivity Effect

9th March 2016. I was delighted to be interviewed (again) by Thomas. It's a wide-ranging interview and we discuss many different topics including:-  my personal journey, the death of my father, how I came to become a salesperson, how some people fail no matter what, how we can choose the mood we want at any time, how to take control of our actions and the last chance "epidemic"... Thomas loves his quotes! Here are a few of mine from our chat together... "We ... Read more

Interviewed On The Brian Tracy TV Show, 2016

2016. I was recently interviewed on The Brian Tracy TV Show airing on ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox. In this clip, hear me answer the question , "If you could just give one tip or one piece of advice to people to help them to be more successful, what would that be??" You can watch the full interview with Brian here. Read more

How To Get A Meeting With Anyone

16th February 2016 I have been quoted in Stu Heinecke's new book "How To Get A Meeting With Anyone". You can read my (very short) words of wisdom on pages 134, 151, 152, 261 and 295. The book has some rave reviews on and just one on (which is awful). It reads like someone had a bad day to me. I read it on a plane from Los Angeles to Heathrow and I enjoyed it, so why not get ... Read more

Expert Interview: The Importance Of Mental Toughness

January 28th 2016. I have been interviewed for John Mattone's Expert Interview series on how to build mental toughness. Excerpt: To author and speaker Gavin Ingham, mental toughness is a collection of personal attributes that allow a person to stay focused on what is important to him or her, regardless of the challenges and obstacles they face. “It is the ability to sift through conflicting ideas and interests and to choose the right path for you. It is the strength to get motivated ... Read more