Goal Setting

How I AM Using Native LinkedIn Video

So, I am one of the first with native LinkedIn video. If you want to get valuable motivational and inspirational videos, thoughts and interactions with me then join me here Gavin Ingham LinkedIn. Serendipity is a funny thing; it sometimes sends you off down avenues that you have previously ignored… Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend. We were talking about social media, blogging and content marketing. I have actually been blogging, writing newsletters and producing content since well before virtually all ... Read more

Just Do It, Stop Procrastinating & Take Action

Sometimes you just have to just do it. Whatever it is. Stop prevaricating, stop procrastinating, stop dreaming about it and take action. Most people are really good at procrastinating. We all have our excuses... "It is not important. I have other priorities. I do not have the time. I am a perfectionist so cannot put out substandard work." etc etc. I am sure that you can add your own reasons and excuses for procrastination to this list. I write many articles for people. ... Read more

Keeping Things Simple

In this video I want to talk about simplicity and the importance of keeping things simple. In my last video about manners, I got an awful lot of responses - the vast majority saying that they do think manners are still really important and several writing me rants about how manners are dying along with other things such as courtesy, dress sense and punctuality. Anyway, there was one email in the middle of all of that which was equally important and it was ... Read more

Expert Interview: Gavin Ingham, Sales & Mental Toughness

Gavin Ingham is Europe's leading speaker on sales and mental toughness. He helps people to "be more, do more, and have more" in their business and their lives. Gavin recently sat down with us to explain his concept of mental toughness and how he communicates that message to salespeople and business executives. Briefly tell us about your background. Why did you decide to become a motivational speaker and coach? My first big challenge in life came when my father died in a car ... Read more

Are You Going To Have A Big Year?

I hope that you had a great Christmas and a fabulous New Year. I love Christmas but this year it was extra special with a 3 year old, a 2 year old and our third due in March. It’s like being whisked back to your childhood what with putting out carrots for reindeer and tipples for Father Christmas. Fabulous. As anyone who has them knows, life is full on with children. Amazing but full on. You have very little time to yourself. ... Read more

Why Willpower Sucks And Habits Rule

This article is not really about fitness. It is not really about health. It is not really about any specific subject. It is about habits and the importance of building productive habits if you want to achieve success in any field.So this article could be about fitness. It could be about health. It could be about being a great salesperson, a great leader, a great sportsperson or a great parent. It could be about fame. Or money. Or power. Or happiness.Whatever ... Read more

11 Time Management Hacks & Productivity Tips For Getting More Done

When I ask salespeople and business owners if I can help them with anything, one of the most common answers is time management. People are frazzled. Challenging markets, increased competition, rising expectations and always on technology have created a perfect storm of never-ending tasks that beg to be done. When you look at those who succeed and compare them with those that don’t or those that achieve merely adequate results, one of the differentiating factors is how people use their time. So here, ... Read more

Don’t Let The Cult Of The Naysayer Steal Your Dreams

Recently, in the press there seems to have been a preponderance of articles from naysayers about how goal setting does not work. A raft of highly qualified psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors have been rolled out to make this point. Heavily armed with statistical “proof” they have sought to rain all over the parade ground of anyone wanting to set themselves a goal to get fit, lose weight, spend more time with their children, make more sales or be more successful at ... Read more

Why You Must Take Responsibility – Video

Responsibility is not the sexiest of words and it is not a word that you hear a lot in today's society, people preferring to talk about their rights and what their entitlements are. Taking responsibility, however... responsibility for their own sales, responsibility for their own businesses, responsibility for their own lives... is one of the core characteristics shared by all top performers. Whether you're in sales, running your own business, taking part in a competitive sport or even just living your life, ... Read more
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