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Recommended Personal Development Books

Like most speakers I tell people to read more so I thought I would make a list of some recommended personal development books. Unlike most, I do not support this advice by saying that all successful leaders are readers nor do I promise that reading will make you a winner. I have no idea whether either of these statements are true and, despite the comments of many of my peers, I know that you do not have to cast your net ... Read more

Successful Selling Lying On Your Back

I never cease to be amazed by how little effort many salespeople put into improving their sales skills. Ironically, of course, if you’re reading this I am probably not speaking to you. If you didn’t care about your sales development and your sales results then you probably wouldn’t be reading this at all. One of the questions that I ask of the audience in my Selling in Tough Markets (or Selling in a Recession) keynote speech is, “Who is currently reading a ... Read more

How To Use LinkedIn To Make More Sales

When I am running sales conferences and sales training sessions I often recommend that salespeople and business owners get themselves signed up to LinkedIn. Not surprisingly I get asked many questions about exactly what LinkedIn is and how people can use it to maintain their sales networks, network for new clients, improve their presence & positioning, and so on... I started to write an article on how to use LinkedIn to make more sales and build your business and then I remembered ... Read more

Invest 15 Minutes A Day And Double Your Sales Results?

As  a motivational speaker and seminar leader I speak with tens of thousands of sales and business people every year and my blogs and articles are read by far, far more. Speaking with so many salespeople and business owners gives me a unique insight into what drives people to do what they do and to behave how they behave. I really enjoy this aspect of my role as I am, and always have been, intrigued by how and why people behave the ... Read more

How To Destroy Sales Rapport Real Fast!

As a sales motivational speaker I get the pleasure of working with thousands of salespeople every year and I get asked about many sales training challenges that they face. One area that rears its ugly head quite frequently is the act of reaching and building rapport with senior decision makers. Many succesful salespeople who prospect new clients effortlessly every day can be pushed out of their comfort zones by asking them to contact CEOs, MDs and COOs. The ability to find, locate ... Read more

What Are Your Favourite Sales Questions?

All sales training experts and sales gurus alike, myself included, extol the virtues of asking good questions. Asking the right question can develop rapport, increase credibility and turn a sale around. As part of my Real World Sales Tips project I thought that it would be fun to find out what your favourite questions are to ask your clients and prospects. To get you started here are a few from Real World Sales Skills... How do you currently go about...? How long have you been ... Read more

Why Practise Makes Perfect When Sales Training

When running sales training sessions, sales seminars, sales motivational speeches and sales consultancy I am constantly amazed by the lengths that salespeople will go to avoid practising sales techniques. Like any skill, selling requires practise and the more your practise the mor successful you will be. Check out this excerpt on closing the sale from my forthcoming book, Real World Sales Skills: How to Sharpen Your Sales Skills & Win More Sales... The more your practise the more success you are going ... Read more

What One Thing Do You Wish That You’d Known When You Started Out In Sales?

I recently sent out my Success newsletter and asked people, "What one thing do you wish you'd known when you started in sales?" Here are some of your answers. I think that they're really good! You can join in by adding your own thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. Make sure that you check out all of the questions and answers in my Real World Sales Tips project amd make the most of this growing sales resource. When I first ... Read more

My Favourite Personal Development Books

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is, "What personal development books should I read?" Clearly, this is not an easy question to answer as it depends what you are reading them for and what you want to get out of them... Most salespeople, business owners & entrepreneurs want to read personal development books that deliver quantifiable results. They want to read books that they can action. They want to read personal development books that will make a difference ... Read more
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