As well as speaking and coaching, I love to write – which you can probably tell if you receive my Success newsletter or read my blog! I am the author of three books with a new one in the pipeline for early 2016 (and many more written in draft form waiting to be published one day!)

Be More, Do More, Sell More: Build confidence, increase mental toughness and grow your business…
Coming early 2017.

Based on one of my current keynote talks, ‘Be More, Do More, Sell More’ is all about the small changes you need to make to have a big impact on your sales and business growth. It is for business owners, entrepreneurs, business development managers, marketeers and salespeople who have ever worried about where their next piece of business is coming from and wondered how competitors are able to sell so effectively while they watch from the sidelines. Tough times require mental toughness and this book will offer practical strategies that can be implemented straight away for immediate results and long term growth.

Motivate People: Get the best from yourself and others

My book, ‘Motivate People’, came as the result of a publishing deal with the prestigious Dorling Kindersley in 2007. It was originally published in pocket-sized version and was designed for business people to carry around with them as a mini motivation bible that they could either follow as a complete course or dip in and out of. It included practical techniques, effective tips, 5-minute fixes and case studies for developing the core attitudes and skills needed to motivate yourself and others.

Objections! Objections! Objections! How to conquer objections and explode your sales performance

‘Objections! Objections! Objections!’, which was published back in 2004, was my first furore into book writing and I was surprised by the positive reaction it got. In many ways, it was of its time in terms of sales terminology and, of course, pre-financial crisis thinking, but it is based upon principles that are still core to my keynote talks today. It is about understanding your audience, getting into their mindset and setting yourself apart from the competition to make what you have to offer a ‘no brainer’ for the customer.