Better Business Focus Magazine, April 2011

I don’t post all of the magazines that I have articles in but I always think that Better Business Focus Magazine has some interesting articles in it.In this month’s edition…

A Matter of Trust by Barry Urquhart, Transform Your Company Culture In 4 Steps by Ron Kaufman, Post Sales Follow Up by Sean McPheat, How To Build Your Brand And Raise Credibility By Publishing A Book by Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Business Book Bestsellers, Analysing Balance Sheets To Create Value by Philip Foster, Work With Your Brain Not Against it by Dr Lisa Turner, Time To Get Back To Nature by John Stanley, Could Your Blog Be Ruining Your Business? by James Chartrand, 7 Ways To Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up by Lorraine Pirihi, Are Great Salespeople Born Or Made? by Gavin Ingham, & 7 Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Competition In 2011 by Andy Preston.

You can read all of the articles in the PDF version of the Better Business Focus Magazine here.

About the author: Gavin Ingham
Gavin Ingham is a speaker and author on mental toughness and will help you to Be More, Do More & Have More in your business and in your life. For all of the latest news, podcasts, videos, tips and strategies join his newsletter. Sign up to the newsletter
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