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Is Trying To Get Accurate Forecasts Out Of Your Sales Teams A Bit Like Herding Cats?

I’ve been in sales a while now. Initially as a salesperson, sales manager, sales director and for the last 17 years as a speaker, consultant and coach. Many things have changed… When I first started we did not have computers on our desks, only a handful of people had mobile phones, the internet was on dial up, and you still needed a camera, a chess machine, a games console, a Filofax, a Walkman, a map, etc... not just a phone! But many things have ... Read more

What My Mum Said…

If you've seen me speak, there are several phrases that I use all of the time. One is that "life teaches us what we need to know but we ignore it all of the time". In my case, as in many of yours I am sure, this started young. My mum used to give great advice, I just did not pay much attention to it. Here are just a few... You get out what you put in. All you can do ... Read more

The Power Of Momentum

So, what did you think of the England Belgium match last night? I am no football aficionado but it all seemed like a bit of a wet lettuce to me. I'm not going to comment on the game but what I was interested in was the huge debate, before and afterwards, about whether one draw was easier than the other and whether we would be better off losing to get that draw or winning to maintain momentum? Momentum is an interesting psychological construct ... Read more

One Simple Strategy For Getting More Done

What does your typical morning look like? What is your routine? What happens? And in what order? If you are like most people, you have a morning routine. You likely never chose it; it is just something that you developed over time. Don’t believe me? Think about it this way. What do you put on first? Socks or pants? Shirt or pants? Shirt or socks? Are you running around like Tom Cruise in Ricky Business in your socks, shirt and pants or are ... Read more

It’s Not Whether You Know Something, It’s Whether You Do It Consistently… Or Not!

Do you do what you know? Do you to it consistently? At the start of many of my talks, I explain how many people spend their time and energy looking for “new stuff” or “advanced stuff” but do not consistently do what they know. Most people know what to do, in most circumstances, when they stop to think about it; doing it is often another matter however. Consistency is one of the keys to success in business and in life. If you want ... Read more

People Do Business Differently… Get Over It Already!

Some people are more formal than others. Some wear a suit to work, some do not. Some have manners, some do not. Some look like they're going to a nightclub, some to a formal business event. Some people never share anything of themselves in their businesses, some share everything. Some do not ask personal questions, others send out birthday presents, holiday cards, presents for children etc. People are people, they all do business in different ways. I remember being at a large supplier meeting of recruiters about 25 ... Read more

How I AM Using Native LinkedIn Video

So, I am one of the first with native LinkedIn video. If you want to get valuable motivational and inspirational videos, thoughts and interactions with me then join me here Gavin Ingham LinkedIn. Serendipity is a funny thing; it sometimes sends you off down avenues that you have previously ignored… Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend. We were talking about social media, blogging and content marketing. I have actually been blogging, writing newsletters and producing content since well before virtually all ... Read more

Do Not Lose Sight Of How You Add Value

This article is about making sure that you do not lose sight of how you add value... As part of both my personal development and my professional expertise, I like to read a lot. I also listen to podcasts, watch videos and attend courses. Not only do I like to study subject matter pertinent to me but also I like to read biographies and look at other peoples' marketing. I love looking at other peoples' marketing. It is really interesting to see how ... Read more

It’s Not About You… What Are You Going To Do About It?

I was on LinkedIn one day this week and I saw a question that one of my connections had commented on. Let me share it with you... If a candidate is rejected in the interview, should we tell them directly that he/she has been rejected or should we try to manage a candidate saying he/she is on hold??? Sometimes I really feel very bad and hesitate to tell a candidate that he/she is a reject. I feel that , our negative feedback may ... Read more
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