Another 8 Tips For Confident Cold Calling…

Here are the final 8 tips of my 23 tips for getting in the right selling state for confident and successful cold calling…

Tip 16
Stay calm, cool and in control.

If you get overheated and upset, learn some calming breathing techniques and use them when you start to lose it. Dealing with your emotions is part and parcel of becoming a cold calling superstar!

Tip 17
Maintain your intensity levels.
Cold calling is more proactive, more productive and more fun when you keep up a healthy pace and a high level of intensity and energy. Challenge yourself to “go for it” and maintain your intensity levels every time you are on the telephone.

Tip 18
Avoid nuisance interruptions.
These will ruin your flow and distract you from this most important of selling activities… Divert calls, turn off your email and tell colleagues not to interrupt you when you are on the phone.

Tip 19
Stay on the phone and keep calling.
Many salespeople make one or two cold calls and then stop calling to send out literature, do research, speak to people. In fact, they do anything rather than stay on the phone. Don’t make this mistake. Leave paperwork, brochures, business cards and proposals until you’ve hit your quota of calls for the session (unless of course they are important to do now… Duh!).

Tip 20
Keep asking yourself, “What can I do better next time?”

Tip 21
Avoid sales losers.
Avoid sales losers, sales whiners, mood-hoovers and mediocre journeyman wannabees. Sales superstars don’t let themselves be dragged down by dead weights. Spend your time with sales winners or spend your time with clients.

Tip 22
Have a sense of humour.
If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined! Cold calling goes wrong sometimes. You don’t get the results that you would have liked sometimes. Cold calling can see you crash and burn sometimes. Get over it and get over yourself. Laugh.

Tip 23
Get your crash helmet on and get ready for some fun!

If you want to know more about how to explode your sales results by becoming a cold calling champion then check out my cold calling resources page where you will find links to my books, audios, DVDs and programmes. If you’re not wanting to invest any moolah, check out my confident cold calling video totally free.

About the author: Gavin Ingham
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