Achieve Your Goals From ‘Motivate People’ By Motivational Speaker Gavin Ingham

One subject seems to have dominated my week this week and that’s goal setting and motivating using goals. As a sales expert and motivational speaker this is something that comes up quite often so I thought I would share with you one of the techniques from my book Motivate People which was published by Dorling Kindersley last year…

Using imagery is an important and often forgotten part of successful goal setting. By clearly visualizing, your brain will be able to “experience” the achievement of your goals prior to your having achieved them. Repeat this exercise often.

  • Pick a goal from one area of your life. Picture it in detail.
  • Imagine stepping into the “you” in the picture and actually experiencing your achievement of that goal. Notice how it feels, what you see, hear, and think. Notice how others are treating you.
  • Look into the future beyond your achievement of the goal. How does achieving this goal benefit all areas of your life?
  • Look back at the past and your route to achieving your goal. Note your successes and the obstacles you overcame. Notice how different they are now that you have overcome them. Appreciate how you feel about your achievements.
  • Imagine yourself walking backwards from your future achievement to the present. Notice what resources you needed and what you learnt from specific steps you took to help you along the way.
  • From the present look forwards to your goal and appreciate the journey. Map out key stages of the journey and the resources you require right now.

Copyright Gavin Ingham / Dorling Kindersley 2007.

Motivate People will help you to develop skills, realise your full potential and make your life work.

  • Discover the core attitudes and skills to motivate yourself and others, and ensure your team delivers results.
  • Practical techniques, effective tips, five-minute fixes and case studies equip you to success in the real world.
  • Set your goals and check your progress with self-assessment exercises.

If you want to get hold of copy of this useful little book you do so in the UK here Motivate Peoople UK book or in the US here Motivate People US book.

About the author: Gavin Ingham
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