5.5 Sales Tips To Achieve Sales Success In Any Economy

Here are 5.5 steps to help you achieve sales success in any economy. One of the questions I get asked frequently is, “What do you think is going to happen to the economy?” It probably comes as no surprise to you that I get asked this sort of thing all of the time. Some businesses are struggling. Many salespeople are not hitting their targets. Many companies are having a hard time. It seems a good question to ask. And I appear to be as good a person as any to answer it. I work with thousands of salespeople every year, I speak to business owners, business leaders, salespeople and other professionals… and I did predict the recession would happen.

But you know what? What I think will happen to the economy and sales is irrelevant. It’s what you think that is critical. If you think you are going to have a hard time and if you think your sales and your business are going to suffer then you’re going to cut your cloth accordingly. Entering the recession, I saw many companies stop recruiting, halt the training of their staff, stop innovating, cut back on marketing and stop investing in the very activities that brought in their sales. What did they think was going to happen as a result of these kinds of behaviours?

One company I am aware of stopped attending conferences and events and these were the life-blood of their new business. Over half of their new clients and new business sales stemmed from two huge conferences and they did not attend either. What genius came up with this plan? How on earth did they come to the conclusion that was the right thing to do? If you’re entering difficult trading times and you stop doing all of the things that bring you business you must surely be expecting nothing less than a hard landing.

Conversely, I saw business start ups and existing businesses sharpen their approach, take massive action and accelerate their businesses forward. They invested in their salespeople and their sales teams, they fine-tuned their sales and marketing and they sought to add more value for existing clients as well as new ones. And they maxed out on adding value, support and customer service.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that the economy is irrelevant to sales. I’m not saying that you should operate the same way in all trading conditions. And I’m certainly not saying that you shouldn’t adjust accordingly… because you should. But the key word in that sentence is accordingly. When the going gets tough, the tough get smarter. But it’s knowing where to get smarter that is the million dollar question.

Measuring your sales activities and doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t makes sense. Cutting your sales activities back like they’re some kind of Japanese Knotweed does not.

Investing in quality staff and helping them to add more value for clients makes sense. Hiring purely to put bums on seats does not.

So, in my opinion, the critical piece to achieve sales success in today’s economy is to give 100%. The critical piece to achieve sales success in today’s economy is to get your stall straight. The critical piece to achieve sales success in today’s economy and in the future is to make sure that you add massive value for your clients and that you deliver more than anyone else could expect of you.

And you can start with some simple rules from my sales boosting 5.5 Steps to Sales Success keynote / seminar.

  1. Sell from a “10”.
    Always give the best that you have to offer. Make sure that all of your salespeople are on top of their game. Ensure that every client interaction is the best that it possibly can be.
  2. Cultivate superstar beliefs.
    What you believe determines how you feel. You need to ensure that your salespeople believe that they can sell, believe that they can add value for their clients and believe that they can succeed, irrespective of what the market does.
  3. Share Sales Success Stories (My 4S Principle).
    The stories that are told within organizations determine to a great extent the sales momentum and the sales success within those organizations. Many companies are full of excuses, whinges, blames and apologies. You need to ensure that great and heroic stories are told within your business.
  4. Dream BIG!
    Reject average thinking. Reject realistic thinking. Reject the mediocre mindset of sales losers. The companies and the individuals that dream BIG are the ones that motivate and inspire salespeople and clients alike.
  5. Take Action.
    If you want better results, then you need better activity. What you do determines the results you get. I have already started planning my activities for next week / month / year. Have you?

5.5 Roll With The Best, Raise The Bar & Keep Learning.

If you want to achieve sales success in any economy then you need to ensure that you spend your time surrounded by winners. People who live all of the above principles and make them work for them. Raise the bar for yourself higher than anyone else ever will. Not just for sales results but for every other aspect of your business and your life. And keep learning. If you want better results then you need better actions and the only way you can achieve these is if you have the knowledge and the skills to know what they are and to action them.

Whether the economy is good or bad , the future will be what you make of it. Start planning now and make your sales and your business kick ass no matter what the economy does.

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About the author: Gavin Ingham
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