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Should I Hire A Sales Coach?

I received this question the other day and I started to reply and then realized that the answer would be really useful for many of my readers... I follow your regular updates with interest. I'm doing some work on goal setting at the moment both personally and for clients. One of the personal goals I'm toying with is the idea of hiring a personal sales mentor/coach. I was interested to know if this was an area that you had an opinion on? Do I ... Read more

APSCo Members Conference, 2010, Brave New World

I am delighted to have been invited to speak for the 2nd time at the APSCo Members Conference on Thursday 30th September at the Hilton London Tower Bridge. I spoke at the APSCo (or ATSCo as it was then) conference in 2008 (ATSCo 2008) and it was a great event. I know this isn't for all of my readers but if you are in recruitment and you're a member, then why not come along? This may well be the only recruitment ... Read more

How Not To Sell High Value Products & Services

At the back end of the year last year I moved house and over the last few months we have been gradually putting our own touches to the house. I don’t have a lot of time (what with speaking at sales conferences and writing sales books and audios) and I don’t do things myself and I am very much of the belief that if I can pay someone to do something and I can get on with my life then that’s ... Read more