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Counter Culture, Motivation Strategies From Solutions The Magazine For Sagecover Members

The negative attitude of an individual can quickly permeate through an entire company's culture if not kept in check. We ask the experts what we should do with the whingers. Troubleshooting. To eliminate negativity in the workplace, you must first identify those who are responsible. "Negative people are very good at weeding out those who can be "turned" and after a few moaning, whining, coffee breaks, things can rapidly take a turn for the worse," warns Gavin Ingham, leading motivational speaker and ... Read more

The Sales Apprentice 2008: Sales Training Tips From The Hit TV Show, Part I

So here we go, 12 more weeks of The Apprentice and 12 more issues of The Sales Apprentice. Are we going to be wowed with amazing sales techniques and strategies? Are this year’s apprentices going to prove themselves to be sales gurus and experts? What sales training, business and personal development lessons will we learn? Will I regret ever starting this report at the start of the last series? Only time will tell... Towards the end of last season I was losing ... Read more

Motivational Speaker Gavin Ingham Interviews Goal Setting Expert Andy Smith

One of the issues that comes up frequently when running sales training seminars is the thorny issues of goals and goal setting. In my experience, few people seem to set any goals at all and even fewer stick to them! Ever since reading Anthony Robbins in my early twenties I have been a keen goal setter... and it has worked well for me. As a salesperson they helped to keep me on track, motivated and focused. As a manager they empowered ... Read more

Why Repetition Is The Key To Improving Your Sales Performance And Your Sales Results

A few things have happened recently that got me thinking about something very serious, something that could make a huge difference to your sales results and your sales performance... Last week I went out for a meal with some friends and one of them had brought along someone whom I had not met before. This person was in IT sales. They were in their mid to late twenties and had been doing it for about 3 years. Judging by their conversation, description ... Read more