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The Sales Apprentice: Sales Training Tips From The Hit TV Show, Part I

I have to admit that I don't watch much TV. I don't have the time. When people talk about "Big Brother", "Eastenders", "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here"... I have nothing to say because I just don't watch them. But I do like "The Apprentice". I didn't see the first series but I really got into the last one. So much so infact that I was positively looking forward to tonight's first installment. And this made all the more ... Read more

Dress For Success: Sales Training Tips That The Politically Correct Won’t Tell You

Many of my sales training tips are inspired by what goes on around me and this one today was no different. It was a bright day here today and everyone was out and about enjoying the fresh air and the police force, who seem to vanish from the streets on inclement days, were all walking around in the sunshine. Strange that! So I was driving up a hill and slowed to let some children cross the road, when I noticed that an adult ... Read more

Sales Training Strategies From The Politicians? Whatever Next?

So, come on - hands up. Who's been following the shenanigans of our governing politicians? Everyone? No-one? And who cares? And what does it have to do with sales training, business success and achieving the life that you want?Many of our politicians seem to be a law unto themselves, doing what they want and not really listening to what the voters want them to do. Maybe they think that people don't care enough about politics to force politicians to do anything ... Read more

Which Sales Skills Process Or System Should I Use?

I was asked a great question today, "Which sales skills process or system should I use?" And I thought that it was worth posting the answer here as it is relevant to all salespeople, sales leaders and business owners who want to improve the performance, abilities and results of their sales teams. Some sales trainers and sales speakers might not like my answer but hey, I never said I was here to be liked!Question: Are there any particular selling systems that ... Read more

Should Cold Callers Ask, “How Are You Today?”

Should we ask, "How are you?" at the start of a cold call? It's a great question and one which salespeople and sales trainers alike are split on and spend a lot of time debating in sales training programmes, cold calling seminars and courses! Whilst accepting that there are always exceptions to every rule, I'm, for the most part, on the not side. My main reason is that most salespeople do not sound like they mean it and most potential clients think ... Read more

Learn The Art And Science Of Closing And Win More Sales

One of the questions I often get asked in sales training seminars by salespeople and business owners wanting help with closing the sale is, “How do I close more sales and what closing techniques would you recommend?” In my experience, closing the sale is one of the three most feared areas of the sales process. The other two are fear of canvassing (cold calling) and fear of objections. But the real question is, what is it about these three that creates such ... Read more

Beware The Dark Side Of The Sales Training Force

Strikes me there are two types of trainers / speakers who have gone over to the dark side of sales training in an attempt to win more business…The you must “never cold call clan”. They'll tell you it doesn't work, they'll tell you it costs money and they'll tell you it's outdated. They'll also tell you that anyone who disagrees with them is a charlatan! They're wrong. I've delivered sales training programmes for teams who have set up on average 2 qualified ... Read more

What The Mile High Agony Aunt Can’t Teach You About Cold Calling

I was flying back from a small town in the South of England the other day. The flight was quite pleasant and I had just been delivering a very effective sales training programme for the sales team. One of the main thrusts of the sales coaching was helping the staff to overcome fear of cold calling and prospecting and empowering them to go out and win business.So there I was, on the plane, drinking my coffee and reading the in-flight magazine ... Read more