Rapid Visit Techniques:10 Tips For Running Client Meetings

At some point or other every salesperson, business owner, entrepreneur or professional needs to attend a client sales meeting to sell their products, solutions and services. The type of meeting, the product / service / solution that you’re selling, the complexity of the solution, the history with the client, where you are in the sales process, the length of the sales process, the seniority of the prospect and many other factors will determine exactly what preparation you need for running client meetings.

Lack of knowledge about your client at any stage of the sales process makes you look ill-prepared, unprofessional and demonstrates that you lack credibility as a serious business partner. My rule of thumb is that, wherever you are in the sales cycle, you should know everything you could reasonably be expected to know about your client. So here, in one quick and simple list are 10 straightforward yet powerful pointers that you need to answer so that you can get yourself started on the right track to running client meetings and making more sales.

  1. Who am I visiting? What is their job title and department?
  2. What is their role and their responsibilites?
  3. What size is the company? What division do they work for? What sector(s) are they operating in? What products, services and solutions do they sell? Who are their main competitors and what are their main products?
  4. What do I think the client’s expectations are for this meeting? Why have they agreed to this meeting? What do they want to get out of this meeting? What do I think a positive outcome will be for my prospect / client?
  5. What experience do I have of dealing with this level of person? What experience do I have of dealing with similar clients? What experience do I have of their likely issues and business challenges? What experience do I have of working in this market?
  6. What problems is my prospect most likely to be facing at the moment or in the near future? How are these problems likely to be affecting their business and them personally? What experience do I have of dealing with these issues with other clients? What solutions have I implemented to similar problems and for similar clients? What client case studies can I utilize to illustrate my expertise?
  7. How am I going to open this meeting? How am I going to run this meeting? What questions would it be good for me to ask during the meeting? What questions (or objections) do I think my prospect will have during this meeting? What is the best way of answering them to help them to understand whether our solution is right for them or not?
  8. If I am attending this meeting with colleagues, how are we going to work together professionally and efficiently? Who is going to take the lead in the meeting?
  9. What are my outcomes and objectives for this meeting? What are my clients likely outcomes and objectives for this meeting? How do these outcomes dovetail together? How can we both achieve win win?
  10. What props, literature, business cards, testimonials, case studies, etc might it be useful to bring along to this meeting?

In today’s economy, we need to be thinking and working smarter. Maybe you’re doing more prospecting, perhaps you’re visiting more clients, but are you making¬† the most of those client meetings?

This list is not exhaustive, it’s just a starting point on your own personal sales training journey. Why not share your top point for running client meetings below?

About the author: Gavin Ingham
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