Why Cold Calling Doesn't Work…

I hear a lot about cold calling not working anymore and, as I say on my sales seminars, for many this is true. It’s far too easy to mess cold calls up… badly!

If you’ve been on my seminars or you have used my sales systems you know that this does not have to be the case. In the right industries and with the right approach and mindset, using the phone is still a viable and powerful strategy for developing new prospects and discovering new information. BUT… and it’s a big BUT! If you don’t do it correctly you will not make any friends, you will not develop any clients and you will not make any sales…

On this note, I had to share this call I just took with you…

Sales: “Hello, is that Mr Gavin Ingham?”
Gavin: (Deep intake of breath) “Yes.”
Sales: “How are you today?”
Gavin: (Awful question!) “Good!”
Sales: “That’s OK!”
Gavin: (What?!) “Yes.”
Sales: “I am calling because you may qualify for… (something or other – he was not speaking very clearly)… What loans do you have?”
Gavin: “Sorry, what?” (little personal that pal without any kind of credibility / rapport / understanding of me and whatnot!).
Sales: “What loans do you have?”
Gavin: (Shouting louder won’t help) “I don’t.”
Sales: “Well, you must have some.”
Gavin: (Still don’t have any) “I haven’t got any.”
Sales: “They can be in the last 7 years.”
Gavin: “Nope. Nothing.”
Sales: “Thanks, Bye.”


I rest my case. Most cold calls fail because they don’t deserve to succeed.

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