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How To Be A Complete Failure At Prospecting And Lead Generation

If you want to be the worst salesperson that you possibly can be. If you want to make winning new business and retaining existing business more challenging. If you want to be forced to work with difficult clients and on projects that you'd rather not work on. And if you want to have to discount … [Read more...]

5.5 Sales Tips To Achieve Sales Success In Any Economy

Here are 5.5 steps to help you achieve sales success in any economy. One of the questions I get asked frequently is, "What do you think is going to happen to the economy?" It probably comes as no surprise to you that I get asked this sort of thing all of the time. Some businesses are struggling. … [Read more...]

Get Out Of Here… & Get Prospecting!

Get Out Of Here & Get Prospecting. How to be better at prospecting, better at generating new business and more successful in sales, in business and in life! I remember my first sales manager vividly. He was in his early 30’s, well over 6 feet tall, built with the body of an Olympic athlete, wore … [Read more...]

Can Hypnosis Create The Perfect Salesperson? Gavin Ingham Interviews Performance Therapist Jamie Panter

As anyone who knows me knows, I am passionate about discovering and using things that make a difference in life, things that help you achieve more of what you want, things that help you get less of what you don’t want and things that help move in the direction that you want to move. I read a lot, I … [Read more...]

Ignore Doom-Mongers & Naysayers! Have Dreams, Set Goals & Take Action…

Yesterday I made some changes in the way I run my business. They're not significant changes in many ways but in others they will make positive differences for my clients, my prospects and my readers. Hopefully, HUGE ones! There will be more tips, more strategies, more inspirational stories and more … [Read more...]

Sales Partner Or Dancing Puppet?

After closing a sales conference this week, one of the audience approached me to ask about a sales presentation that they had recently failed to win and wanted sales tips for the future. They wanted to know what they could have done about it and how they could improve their chance of winning a … [Read more...]