Sales Training

Your sales skills should kick-ass, your business should rock and your sales results should be in the stratosphere. Whatever the economy, I believe that you can make more sales and I have developed these sales training programmes to help you to win the clients and make the sales that you want.

If you’re a sales professional, business owner, sales leader or entrepreneur and you want to improve sales results, grow your business and create the life you want, then you have come to the right place. I believe that all salespeople and business leaders should have the opportunity to be sales superstars and this is where you start.

My programmes are available in many different formats but all are highly interactive, engaging, fun and, most of all, designed to get you sales results, fast.

5.5 Steps To Sales Success… How to Outsell, Outmanoeuvre & Outgun Your Competition & Make More Sales.

The world had changed. Did you notice? Business today is more challenging. It’s not okay to be just “good enough” anymore and many sales and business people are struggling to make sales.  In “5.5 Steps To Sales Success”, I will help you to unlock the techniques and strategies that you and your teams need to win more profitable clients and make more sales in any economy. Jam-packed full of proven techniques and real world approaches this highly practical, high energy, sales boosting programme will ignite your salesperson within and give you the mindset, the strategies and the techniques that you require to succeed.

Formats: Keynote talk / Open seminar / Inhouse seminar / Sales Training / Director’s Workshop / Webinar / Video.

The New Psychology Of Selling… Unlock The New Rules & Have Clients Beating A Path To Your Door.

Salespeople are struggling to reach prospects, wrestling with client indifference and fighting price wars on every front. Clients are sick of pushy, self-interested salespeople looking to close the sale. Face it, the way we were taught to sell just doesn’t work anymore and it alienates clients. Unlock “The New Psychology Of Selling” and learn how to build stronger client relationships, differentiate products and solutions, shorten buying cycles, sell on value not price and make quantum leaps in your sales.

Formats: Keynote talk / Open seminar / Inhouse seminar / Sales Training / Webinar.

Sales Rockstar Presentations… How To WOW! Your Clients Every Time.

In today’s robotic, corporate culture far too many presentations are of the death-by-Powerpoint variety. Yawn! Everyone knows that most presentations are shockingly boring and far to “Me! Me! Me!” but few know what to do about it. Successful presentations are all about engaging, adding value for and inspiring clients to take action. As an international keynote speaker, ex-Sales Director and having worked with tens of thousands of sales and business people I will show you and your teams the secret ingredients that make a so-so presentation into a whoop-whoop presentation.

Formats: Keynote talk / Open seminar / Inhouse seminar / Sales Training / Director’s Workshop.

No Fear Cold Calling… Eliminate Your Fear of Cold Calling & Secure More Face to Face Time With Key Decision Makers.

Do you struggle to get motivated to pick the phone up? Do you find cold calling a chore? Do you avoid it and do other things instead? Are your results on the phone inconsistent or unsatisfactory? Do you struggle to engage clients? Do you fail to close appointments that you should have won? It doesn’t have to be like this. When you learn the cutting-edge strategies in this programme, you will be able to make valuable, proactive, business calls that engage prospects and secure more meetings. I’ve taught tens of thousands of sales and business people to better engage clients and secure more meetings and I can show you too.

Formats: Keynote talk / Open seminar / Inhouse seminar / Sales Training / Director’s Workshop / Webinar / Video / Teleseminar.

Sales Breakthrough Masterclass.

Let’s start by saying that this is not for everyone. And it might not be for you. If you’re a little staid, a tad stuck in your ways and prefer to stick to what you know, then don’t even consider it. This program is only for sales teams and businesses that want extraordinary results and who are prepared to make the changes necessary to make them happen.

Formats: Sales Training / Director’s Workshop.

All programmes can be delivered in multiples formats including open seminars, inhouse seminars, training, workshop and roadshow. Every session will be tailored for your teams and your business and will included personally designed follow up materials to ensure that your teams get and keep the sales edge.

I also run open sales training seminars every year and many individuals and companies find these a flexible and cost effective way of being educated, inspired and motivated.

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