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Set Your Next Conference Or AGM Alight With Motivational Speaker Gavin Ingham.

Over the last 10+ years, I have given over 1000 paid talks to over 100,000 delegates. I have spoken in nearly every county in England, all over Europe and in the US and Africa. With talks from small SMEs to the likes of Jaguar, UBS, The Royal Bank of Canada, Microsoft and Renault Trucks, I know what it takes to give you a good event and get you the results that you want.

I believe that your next conference should rock, your teams should be proactive and motivated and your customers should love you. Call me to help you to inspire, educate and motivate your staff. Ask me to kick off your next conference with an almighty bang or close it with a hurrah! Demand that I teach your teams why the old ways don’t work and why they have to be the best if they want success in today’s competitive markets.

Whether you are looking for a sales motivational speaker for your sales team or a high-energy, keynote talk to address your business conference, I would love to talk with you. Call my team now on UK +44  (0)845 838 5958 to organise a time to chat with me about your event or read on to find out more about my talks…

Motivational Talks, Packed Full Of Content That Set Your Conference Alight & Get Your Teams Buzzing!

Keynote Speech: 5.5 Steps To Sales Success… How to Outsell, Outmanoeuvre & Outgun Your Competition & Make More Sales.

The world changed. Business today is more challenging. Good enough is not good enough anymore and many sales and business people are struggling to make the sales they once made.  In “5.5 Steps To Sales Success”, Gavin will unlock the tools and strategies you and your teams need to win more profitable client and make more sales in any economy. Packed full of proven techniques and real world strategies this high energy, laugh out loud talk will set your next conference alight and give your sales teams the sales superstar mindset they need to succeed.

Keynote Speech: Evergreen Lead Generation… The Secrets of Creating Long-Term, High Value Leads With Minimum Activity.

Most lead generation strategies have a hole in them. Activity = results… but no more. You make a cold call, you get a response or you don’t. You go to a networking event, you meet someone or you don’t. There’s a hole in the bucket. Sound familiar? In Evergreen Lead Generation I will show you how you can leverage a small amount of activity to create long-term results. I will explain the difference between sales superstar strategies that drive leads and ho-hum, so-so activities that are more work than they’re worth. And I will teach the secrets of how to target high-value clients who are less price sensitive and more solution focused.

Keynote Speech: The New Psychology Of Selling… Unlock The New Rules & Have Clients Beating A Path To Your Door.

Salespeople are struggling to reach prospects, wrestling with client indifference and fighting price wars on every front. Clients are sick to death with pushy, self-interested salespeople looking to close the sale. Face it, the way we were taught to sell just doesn’t work anymore and it alienates clients. In this fast-moving, high energy keynote Gavin will energize and empower your staff and unlock for them “The New Rules Of Selling” that will allow them to build stronger client relationships, differentiate their products and solutions, shorten buying cycles, sell on value not price and make quantum leaps in their sales.

Keynote Speech: Rockstar Presentations… How To WOW! Your Audience, Every Time.

In today’s robotic, corporate culture far too many presentations are pre-canned, pre-packaged, point-and-click affairs. Yawn! No-one wants then, no-one is interested in them but everyone is stuck on the hamster wheel. In “Rockstar Presentation” Gavin will show your teams how to get off the wheel and WOW! their “prospects” whether customer or internal stakeholder.

Keynote Speech: The A to Z Of Success… How To Succeed In Sales, In Business & In Life!

When did life get so complicated? When did achieving “success” become so subjective? Why are things not as simple as they used to be? Many people today struggle with what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and who they’re doing it for? They do what they’ve always done but they’re not getting what they used to get. The old paradigms just don’t seem to work anymore. In this fast moving keynote talk Gavin will help people to reconnect with their purpose in life and rediscover their passion for life, for business and for success.

Gavin delivers sales motivation the way it was meant to be! Ensure the success of your next conference and call 0845 838 5958 now.

Ask us about audio taping your speech so that your staff can use it as a motivational booster whenever they desire.

My name is Gavin Ingham and I believe.

I believe that everyone can build high performance  teams, better engage their clients, add more value and make more sales.

I believe that there is more opportunity in the world than any of us ever dare think and that you can achieve even your wildest dreams if you commit to them.

I believe that a conversation can start a multi-million sale, a thought can start a worldwide movement and consistent action can change the world.