Lead & Motivate People

Lead & Motivate People and get the best from yourself and others.

Do you sometimes struggle getting the best out of people you work with? Do they seem to lack energy and enthusiasm? Do you ever struggle to motivate and work with them? Do you think they could be more supportive and focussed

Whether you’re a team player, team leader, director or manager, the ability to motivate people is fundamental to your ability to achieve your business and personal goals. If you want to achieve success in your business then you need to be able to help yourself and others to get and stay motivated.

In a nutshell, you need to know what motivates people and makes them tick. Many businesses use “standard” techniques for motivating individuals and teams assuming that what motivates one person will motivate another. This could not be further from the truth. What motivates one person is not necessarily what motivates another and this is one of the common reasons many teams cannot achieve phenomenal results. It is the same reason than we often struggle to work with people – it becomes much easier once you know what motivates them.

In our Lead & Motivate People training programme we will show you powerful and easily implemented techniques which will enable you to motivate others both in the short and the long term. lead & Motivate People is full of skills, strategies and techniques that will help you to truly understand what drives and motivates the people that you work with helping you to to get the best outb of them and you.

Where many motivation programmes focus primarily on principles and standards, lead & Motivate People focuses on bitesize strategies and ideas that you can utilise right away in any business. It’s not enough to study motivational theories; you need to be able to apply them to your business to make a difference. We will not teach you motivational theories that have been passed down from an Ivory Tower, we will just show you how to apply them in your business to make a difference.

You will learn to:

  • Understand what’s important to your co-workers so that you can help them to be more motivated and ‘up for it’
  • Understand the importance of emotion when motivating and learn to use yours to motivate yourself and others
  • Unlock the 6 step process for dealing with problems and challenges and focusing on success
  • Utilise the important motivational theories of Maslow, Herzberg, Likert and Vroom
  • Set goals that motivate, inspire and stretch teams and co-workers to give their best
  • Design and implement structures that support your goals
  • Know how and why you attract the best
  • Develop, retain and build loyalty with others
  • Learn how to run motivational meetings that inspire and empower
  • Learn to use subtle coaching techniques to create long-lasting motivation
  • Create a learning team around you that embraces change and focused on being the best
  • Understand how to maintain and sustain team motivation
  • Unlock personal motivational triggers for each and every member of your teams or co-workers

Check out Gavin’s seminar schedule for dates for Lead & Motivate People or call 0845 838 5958 to understand how we can help your managers and leaders to motivate people and create phenomenal results in your business now.

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Lead & Motivate People