If I Sold Cars I Wouldn't…

A few car sales tips… Yesterday I visited several car showrooms as I am thinking about changing one of our cars. I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of it and it doesn’t matter what makes they were or what companies but they were executive brands / companies and there were 4 of them. It inspired me to have a little rant about a few of things that I wouldn’t do if I sold cars!

If I sold cars I wouldn’t…

  • Sit comfortably in the showroom whilst potential customers looked at my cars on the forecourt – no matter how cold it was!
  • Chat with my 3 mates in the “sales” office whilst a customer read brochures and opened car doors in the showroom.
  • Greet my customer with the words, “So, do you want to buy a car today?”
  • Fail to offer a nice coffee from the flash coffee machine because it was 25 minutes until home time.
  • Wander off mid “sale” because I cannot think of anything to ask / say.
  • Bore my customer to death showing them how to log onto the company website… seriously!
  • Send my customer into a trance banging on about engine versions (one showroom), the history of the 4-wheel drive car (another showroom) or just waffle.
  • Fail to build rapport in any meaningful manner (all 4 showrooms).
  • Fail to ask any pertinent questions (3 showrooms).
  • Fail to hear the one critical piece of information (“…bad road so we were thinking 4-wheel drive…”).
  • Push something else (how good the 2-wheel drive version is) because I didn’t hear the critical information.
  • Not ask / be uninterested in the customers’ circumstances (in one garage the guy looked bored every time I said more than 4 words).
  • Fail to take interested customer details (all 4 showrooms).
  • Fail to give ANY literature out or anything to take away (all 4 showrooms).
  • Not make a sale, build a relationship or have any way of following up (all 4 showrooms).
  • Sit around moaning about the state of the market (probably all 4 showrooms).
These are just some of the things that I wouldn’t do if I sold cars.

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