How Not To Close A Client

Here’s a tip for how to close a client… I love everything about sales and the psychology of selling and I read as much as I can on the subject. I always have a sales, business or personal development book with me to learn from, to inspire me and to keep me on the sales edge. I am constantly refining the processes and strategies that I teach in my books, audios, DVDs and sales training seminars.

As you might expect I am not particularly squeamish when it comes to closing people down however I have a book in my collection on how to close a client which was written in the mid-1980’s. It’s one of the funniest books I have ever read and, if it was supposed to be humorous, I would pronounce it a work of comedic sales genius. But as a sales training book, it is appalling and, what’s more, some of the tactics on how to close that are in it are based on the cheesiest of theories. Here’s one tip from the how to close a client book…

This particular sales close is dealing with the, “I will have to think about it” objection and suggests that when the customer objects, you should hold up the book for the prospect to see and tell them that the book describes customers like them and tells you exactly how to answer their objections. It then says to tell them that the book outlines their personality and attitude and that you know that they don’t really have to think about it. Infact all they’re really worried about is the finances! It then says to talk to them about money and the deal will be yours.

Did this ever work? I doubt it! Is this sort of rubbish still being taught? I hope not! But then maybe it is as the book’s still for sale. I’ve just checked. And it has dozens if not hundreds of equally creepy closes within it’s covers. And this is by no means the worst sales training book that I have ever read!

Is it any wonder that some people see salespeople as slimy and uncaring? Is it any wonder that some people see salespeople as less than professional when there are lines like this being taught to salespeople all around the globe? This approach is not only cheesy, it also makes massive assumptions about what the client’s real (money in the writer’s opinion) objection is. Manipulative, cheesy closes like these should have sunk with the Titanic and should not be appearing in books on how to close. When you care about your clients and understand what they need and want then simply asking for the business is all the closing that should be required. I think I am going to write a book on closing one day… it will be short.

Find out what the client needs. Find out why they need it. Ask for the business!

I’m afraid that much of my musical taste is still stuck in the 1980’s but sad as that is, it doesn’t affect my sales success. If your sales skills and sales techniques, like my musical tastes, are stuck in the 1980’s then maybe now is the time to catapult yourself into the 21st century! One way to do this is to join my success newsletter. Enjoy!

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